I just sat down and listed everything I bought this year and how much I spent. Oh my gosh-- what an awaking. And not in a good way. I am bad about paying attention to spending but that is going to change. I WANT A DO OVER for the year of shopping! When I look at everything I bought some were definite winners. Others were just silly sale goggle purchases. Actually, a lot were.

I am already making different decisions now. The Tory Burch shoes I bought at NAS and haven't worn yet? Going back! If I loved them so much why haven't I wore them yet??? I don't love them enough to pay full price.

And then all those shirts that were "just $20".... ugh. My new rule: tell myself it's $100. Would I still want it?

Other tips? From another thread someone recommended I go on a shopping fast. I will definitely be doing that!