Her decision to boycott shopping for an entire year is too extreme for me, but her trigger interested me because I have been feeling the exact same way. I have literally been shopping since Black Friday. Gifts for friends, gifts for work celebrations and co-workers, gifts for family, and finally, gifts for me. The Holidays (although my absolute favorite time of the year) exhausted me this year.

After all this shopping, I yearn for a cooling off period. I planned on starting my Purchasing Fast on February 1st, but Janice's post today inspired me to start today. My motivation is similar to Janice's. My inbox has been deluged with ads trying to get me excited to get to the stores to buy still more things (sports wear, house stuff). Although I can rationalize both, it is just too much ... especially since I am feeling worn down as it is. And the ads re-inforce sales shopping which are my achilles heel.

Janice lists several cases in which buying is acceptable. I already know that I need to revamp my work capsule. It has veered to the casual side and I realize I took casualization far too far. This happened so gradually I wasn't aware of it until one day I found myself in a meeting with everyone else wearing suits and me wearing a tee shirt. OMG! What happened? When did it happen?

But my work capsule will be built up slowly and deliberately. I won't buy indiscriminately just because it is on sale or because it looks like it could fit into a work capsule or whatever other reason.

Carter, Barbara Diane, Kiwigal, El Cee, Elizabeth P, RunCarla, Approprio, Joy, Bonnie, Shedev, LisaP, LeDonna N, AndiB, DonnaF, Jenanded, MsMaven, Emily K, Celia, TexStyle, and Kerry expressed an interest in starting a Purchasing Fast in February. I originally selected February because I fully intended to shop the sales in January. But planning on shopping the sales defeats my overarching goal of stepping away from sales shopping. And Janice's post this morning inspired me to start my Purchasing Fast today.

You are all welcome to join me. I assume each challenge will be as individual as the person undertaking it because we all have different goals in life. The parameters and length of time are entirely up to the individual. Only they can say what will or will not benefit them.

I'll start.

My Purchasing Fast begins this morning. My goal is to deliberately and mindfully refresh my Work Capsule for Spring/Summer. My goal is to consciously work on my sale shopping addiction and fear of missing out. I will shop at the beginning of the season (like Angie and others) and I will NOT obsess about finding sales to get the best possible price. I will commit to buying at full price if the garment suits my needs. I will actively walk away from sales racks and close internet websites. I will shop the Goodwill for ultra-light-weight blazers and skirts. I will gently remind myself that the sale items in stores are on sale for a reason.

I intend to build on this last paragraph. I want to strengthen my goals and put actions into place to support success. Oh, I won't beat myself up in the event I find myself browsing the sales racks. Habits take time to relearn. 2017 will be all about rehabilitating an old habit that no longer benefits or suits me.

Join me, won't you?