I'm out this season, too. I bought 2 pairs of embroidered jeans and an embroidered jacket, as I love embroidery (I love to embroider by hand; just don't have time right now) and already had items in my closet that would go with them to create new outfits. I already have a few lace tops--another trend I love. However, I've been careful not to buy too much of this stuff, as I don't want to overdo it.

I haven't seen anything else that catches my eye--not even basics. I'm not really liking the colors I've seen. I did get some off-white jeans, though. That's it as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to blow my budget anyway, but have to say I very seriously doubt that will happen. Nothing is speaking to me.

I have noticed the off-shoulder tops especially. They are everywhere and are not for me. Thank goodness for shoes! I can always find shoes that I like and in my opinion they can upgrade an outfit more than anything.

I totally understand. I spent a little time at the mall and was simultaneously underwhelmed and overwhelmed. I thought the unusual shirting tops were interesting the first time I saw them, but they seem to be immediately at oversaturation at retail now. And there is so much spaghetti-strap Coachellawear out there, it's just ridiculous.

That said, I did get that embroidered pair of denim shorts (tags are still on, but I think I'll keep). And I will wear the cold-shoulder tops I got over the last couple of years before they trend out. I got a pair of pretty classic-cut chinos at Anthro to wear rolled/cuffed for summer, and am trying some cargos as well (ordered but haven't received). I was looking for a pair of colored sandals, but now that we've had a few days of sandal weather here, I'm realizing that instead of a color, I really need a pair of flattish black or gunmetal sandals that are not flip-flops. So adjusting my shopping accordingly. Nothing trendy on my list. And I'm mostly looking online -- the stores just don't have sizes and colors in stock, and they're full of stuff that just looks either cheap and young or too conservative and classic for me. That's OK, I have clothes to wear, and it's better that I'm not finding more stuff to spend $$ on.

What's particularly bothersome with cold shoulder tops is that they aren't versatile. And who wants a cold-shoulder sweater? Really?

Ruffles, cold shoulders, and embroidery aside - now is the time for hard work, Lisap! Instead of buying a trendy item for a shot of instant style gratification, work with what you've got on hand and give it your own twist. Like you did with your black on black outfit, see if you can copy cat a look you admire, or craft your own street style look from the garments and accessories that you own and love. No need to over invest time in the shops hoping for a miracle to occur!

I totally relate - there is a lot going on in retail that I'm not embracing. And my closet is in pretty good shape anyway. I remember when Angie posted about "maximal" and I kind of cringed because I am so the opposite of that trend. But you know what? It's a great time to really hone in on my own signature style and wear what I have in my closet in new ways - and that IS fun (to me at least) and rates right up their with shopping/acquisition if I do it right.

The other day I put on a simple deep olive green everlane tee, layered a thin charcoal flannel shirt over and scrunched the sleeves (it happened to be a rare cool day), wore two of my favorite necklaces, one longer, and some favorite dark wash jeans and a pair of favorite navy sandals - then I spent time on hair and makeup. I felt really good about the look of the outfit and ready to do anything I might want to do on that particular day. I decided that I will work on more of those "signature" outfits for myself using what I already own.

Oh, I did happen to find 3 new pair of pj pants at jcp for a steal and that makes me pretty darn happy as they are super soft and comfy to lounge in. I didn't even spend the total refund on that indigo blouse for all three pair including shipping.

I've been mad at fashion for awhile. but yes, totally agree. These trends seem particularly invasive and particularly impractical. Who decides that every woman wants ruffles and off shoulders...and has the small bust to wear them with any comfort? They've just ditched the multitude who need bras and have too much going on to deal with strapless?

And who decided that all of us have to wear cropped? I searched Nordstom online and started with 1,744 pant choices, but when I entered trouser length the choices went down to 79. A crazy amount of those were over $300. Many were over $1000. Rich women apparently still like full length.

Angie says trends are more fluid these days and anything goes, but I think retail has not gotten that message. Retail seems a little scared I think, everyone offering such a narrow range of choices.

If the forecasts about retail are true, retailer desperation might be the reason we're seeing such trendiness in the stores. It seems as if they are all shouting for attention by just throwing stuff out there, with less curating and attention to detail.

I'm also finding sizing to be even more inconsistent than usual. I notice that retailers are commonly cutting the same item in different fabrics that are far different in weight and stretch, which can easily make the fit change completely.

I'm trying to be more strategic in my shopping, and I'm learning to look past all the showcased trends, and I'm being open to lines and retailers I haven't used much in the past.

I'd like to move toward a more simple "signature style," using trends as just a little fun and fluff, rather than creating a huge closet churn because I have too many of them. This year, many of the trends aren't practical or flattering for me, and I'm finding myself pushed farther into my long term goal than I'd planned!

Ugh! I looked over my purchases again, and I'm returning the striped shirts. I just don't like them. I never end up wearing stripes whether they are low contrast or not. I think I'm returning one pair of sneakers also. I'm also questioning my purchase of more white jeans. I think my best purchase was the blue silk dress. I am feeling best in solids lately, no prints, and very simple items. I suppose even with that, I did well. In comparison to previous years, not so much.....

Great discussion. And I'm with you. It makes me wonder if I've found my style well enough to leave trends alone altogether and just wear what I like regardless of trends. I'm swinging a tad more avant garde, maybe, or at least want to try that out. Like you and many others, ruffles just don't work for me. Embroidery.... well, maybe....but so far I don't like any of them I've seen. I do like cropped bottoms, finally. And I think I'll just call that good enough. And I really am not ready to give up my long-over-lean silhouettes.

LIke you, I haven't gotten very excited about the clothing that's on offer at the moment. As a result of this, I've been exploring the makeup world -- wardrobe items for my face, if you will. I ran across Wayne Goss's Youtube video on The Ordinary foundations, and it sounded like the Second Coming, so I ordered some, despite warnings about long wait-lists. It's only about $6.00/bottle, so it's small risk. If you know your MAC foundation shade, it's easy to pick the right one to order. I'm hopeful my "face wardrobe" finds will get me through these tough clothing times!

For petites like me, choices have always been limited. Now I have a choice between trends I don't want to embrace and matronly stuff for elderly women. There's no in between. Like I said, I love lace and embroidery, but don't want to overdo it. I just want some feminine touches to my wardrobe... without ruffles, lol.

I feel like I've done pretty well so far. I've bought three pairs of shoes, three tops, a dress, and two pairs of pants. Another couple tops, and I'll be set for summer. They're all really basic, though. Even the pieces that are part of my 5PF (the Eileen Fisher dress and pants and the Sevilla Smith flats) are really more upgraded essentials than anything trendy.

On the other hand, practical Eddie Bauer items aside, this artsy, sustainable minimalism is its own trend, I guess. Handmade shoes? Organic French linen? Merino sneakers? Yeah, expensive trendiness.

I really like Runcarla's suggestion, Lisa.

Also, what do you think of COS? They often have styles that are a little different than what you see in the other stores, and usually several items with a touch of avant-garde, which you wear well.
I went to their store in Arnhem yesterday with Angie (we had a ball, as always;-), and I really liked the draped top below (it was a little too short on me), and thought the dress with the ruched neckline looked great too (couldn't try it on because they didn't have my size).
I also like the look of the two shirtdresses in the second row, but they weren't at the store.
I got the navy dress with the pleated hem (it is polyester though, so might be too warm for your Summers, but I think you will approve of the pockets;-)

P.S. Some info on Kit and Ace, who are scaling back:

Wide draped top
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Wide draped top
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Flared shirt dress
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Dress with pleated hems
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It's not just you. It's been in decline for a while and now it's hit a nadir (hence my Fashion rant).

I second the suggestion of splurging on one or two outstanding pieces and I really like cindysmith's approach of mining Yoox and Etsy. You could also support some of the up and coming independent designers on Not Just A Label.


Inge, so excited you got that navy dress! Please model for us soon.

I find Cos interesting also, though hard to fit for me as a rule (or at least the one time I tried). They have not been available in Canada until recently and I don't think Lisa has a store available to her. I visited the store in Toronto and really enjoyed it but went away without anything. They don't have online in Canada as yet.

I'm benched due to significant weight gain.
And all the body talk on the forum makes me more disinclined to try or participate here.

Right with many of you ladies, I'm not digging most of the current trends. I arrived late to the skinnies party (as in, um, just this year), so I want to play with that for a while. I'm not down with ruffles (actually just removed some from a gifted shirt and I like it much better). I like steampunk and goth looks, but I don't do maximal much. I like cold shoulders in theory, but most of the executions I've seen look clumsy and heavy-handed to my eye.

But hey, I guess that makes it easier to keep shrinking my wardrobe with fewer temptations. I've got my eye out for a sleek pair of cigarette pants, booties and maybe something ankle wrap, and a new suit or suit alternative for work, and that's about it.

Anna - I hear you. That talk , and I'm an offender I know, also drives me nuts. And it especially makes me nuts at the other end of the size scale too. We should all stop mentioning what size we are , period.

Inge - yes, brands like Cos are more up my alley than department store and mall brands, but as Suz mentioned, accessibility in Canada is very limited.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in not feeling fast fashion love anymore, and not finding the looks that speak to me from the usual brands. I have more than enough clothes, and that I'm thankful for. I need for nothing, and after this lighting bolt of frustration hit me this week, am even more committed to sticking to my own thing, and searching pieces from Canadian crafters and sewers. And yes, definitely will be spending my hard-earned cash on one good piece instead of a few trendy things. It's funny: I bought a cold-shoulder top about 2 years ago when they weren't such a big thing. It was cool, different, and interesting. I rarely wore it though , as it's a bit of a challenge to find the right time/place/weather for it.....but even more importantly, now that they are everywhere, I'm not interested in it anymore.

Anyways - thanks so much for all of these comments. You are such a thoughtful and individual bunch

Hi Lisa and most others feeling the same way!

I haven't given up yet but I'm sure not too excited. Been looking off/on since winter -- online with some stores -- and...eh.

Since blush is everywhere and I have things with which to pair it I'd really like to get a casual top and/or jacket in "my" shade.

Found a great jersey bomber jacket for under $40 a month ago (#1) that made me glow like a fitness ad but fit was off in a way tailoring wouldn't help. Finally admitted defeat and back it went for someone else.

Looking in stores I saw lots of blush that made me look like an ill salmon.

In MY shade I discovered a:

  • zillion-dollar Burberry silk trench
  • distressed, crewneck, 1-ARMED sweatshirt
  • poly "chiffon" babydoll tunic/dress with tiered ruffles
  • shiny embroidered jacket that was the sibling of my 5th grade peach quilted satin jacket and shorts ensemble

...and more I've blocked.

I think I'm keeping the sneakers (#2), though.

Blush hunt win/loss score: 1: 72

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Will do, Suz!-)

And I hear you. Sizing can vary a bit, and not all the styles suit all body types (but Angie has found some fab things there over the years too, so don't give up on COS just yet;-)

Lisa - Yes! It is helpful if you can browse their brick-and-mortar stores, so hopefully some more stores will pop up in Canada soon!

Something else on this topic has occurred to me, Lisa. Like you, my interest in buying new things has diminished, but in my case it can't be from lack of inspiring fashion choices, since I have spent so little time looking. I think part of it is the political situation in the U.S. This is the first time in my life I've genuinely concerned about the fallout from the American election. I see rights eroding for people of colour and for women, and a worrying increase in hate crimes and just general trollishness. I see it in England and Europe too. I feel like the whole democratic world is fighting regression. I'm trying not to let it affect me too much, but I think the fear of what could happen is putting a damper on my enthusiasm to do "frivolous" things like shop! (I say frivolous because I can't think of a better word, but it's not quite the right one. I do actually believe that feeling good with how you present yourself is a worthwhile endeavour -- it's just that it's not up there with things like family and career in terms of importance).

Anyway, I've noticed that the level of "just general frustration" among people I know IRL has spiked in the last 100 days. Without turning this into a political discussion, I offer that a generalized anxiety about the state of the Western world may be another root cause of fashion fatigue.

Maybe part of the issue is that you're more discerning, and you're not willing to pick up any random thing any more. Maybe you will have to get those red shoes online.

Also, I wish the Bay could be more like Nordstrom's. There is too much polyester at the bay.

I must say that looking at the interesting details in high-end items makes me realize how plain a lot of the mall merchandise is.

The two things I am excited about: White, kind of see-through nylon jackets (gear) and the NIkeLAB items.

Lisa, I hear you! It takes me less than five minutes to get in and out of the mall stores these days.

That said, this season I've found shopping success at Aritzia, Simons, and a couple of local Victoria boutiques: Folk and Tulipe Noir.

Aritzia means wading through some laughably skimpy tops and dresses, but I've found tops, bottoms, and T-shirts there which have become real workhorses this year.

Quebec-based Simons is slowly expanding to the rest of Canada, but, until it comes to Winnipeg, at least offers free shipping. Simons' Contemporaine and Icone lines have some items which mimic higher pricepoint lines very well, in my opinion, at least.

If you can stand a trip to Victoria, I'll personally take you to two of my favourite reasonably priced boutiques--Tulipe Noire and Folk. I actually think of you every time I walk into Folk.

I haven't shopped at the mall in years. Every store stocks what all the other stores stock, and none of it interests or even fits me.

I must say, however, that I love my NYDJ poly tops, my Isaac Mizrahi lace tops and my DG stretch denim jeans (2 are embroidered), and my Dansko booties. I feel completely in my style element with these items.

This is why I love to shop thrift stores -- lots of variety you won't find at the mall. Sure, there are some real clunkers but that's part of the fun.

This resonates with me, too - I've found some terrific basics this season, but only after a vast amount of time spent browsing in stores and online . . .

My current focus has been tailoring some of my workhorses (e.g., shortening some of my work dresses a touch), which has been giving me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I doubt I'll see much else to add to the rotation this season!

My one exciting retail purchase was a COS top similar to Inge's find in the lower left. See lousy mirror selfie of me being experimental.
COS just opened their first store in Israel and as the intrepid researcher I am, I had to go.
(I have to figure out finds on my chromebook, the little icon won't drag.)

Anyway, back to the point, I can't deal with off the shoulder (need a heavy duty bra), too many flounces or fancy sleeves (will quickly get caught and/or filthy), and am not in the market for shreaded (or muddy) jeans. I am waiting for a JCrew gingham shirt like Suz's above - I do love pink!

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I feel kind of benched, too, Lisa. But I am managing to spend money nevertheless! How does that happen?
1. I searched high and low, and bought some black booties off-season.
2. I bought another pair of fashion sneakers this season, because, like Vix, I was taken with the blush trend.
3. I work in a clothing store, where temptation abounds. (I work at OSKA Seattle, and I love the clothes. Non-trendy, definitely not fast fashion.)
4. Along with falling for the continuing blush trend, I just decided to ditch my bright coral trench coat for one in a shade of blush.

I would say most of what I'm buying are essentials, with the exception of some of the pieces I've bought at work (and I do try to be sparing there, despite all the temptation).

I don't know what is worse, when you love everything one season or if you can't find anything you like! I am heading into winter, so we are 6 months behind those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. I am not liking the sound of what will be on offer for our long summer season.

Personally this winter season has been good for me. I have bought what I need and will now stop shopping (and looking). I changed jobs and have to dress in a more dressy way, hence quite a big update this season for me. I need to wear what I have and have fun making up new combinations:
- Dresses - black & white knit, black ponte dress, teal lace dress
- Skirts - print and blue velvet
- Pants - Casual only - track pant and jeans
- Shirts - military style shirt and blush shirt (tie is removable)
- Knits - blush and silver
- Tops - red, black and silver
- Shoes - Docs and patent black boots

I did buy the Rag & Bone Gilet and also the JCrew coat a few months ago in anticipation of cooler weather - so whilst these are not recent purchases, they will come out to play this winter.