This hasn't happened for a few years now, so I guess the inevitable hit with Spring 2017 fashion. I'm out. Everywhere I look, I see these micro-trends (as La Pedestrienne was talking about on the forum yesterday) and in store, after store, after store. If I see one more shirting-stripe off-the-shoulder top with tied sleeves, or one more pair of embroidered jeans, or one more ruffle, I am going to scream. Fashion sneakers? Brown's is crammed full of them. I already have about 6 pair. No more.

It's not that I dislike these pieces, but it's fast-fashion at it's best/worst. Every store, every price point (from mid to lower) and in every department in the same store. I've been out shopping over the past few days and I'm really thankful I'm not in dire need of anything , because there is nothing to buy. Where are the interesting, unique, sophisticated, flattering, up-scale looking clothes? Oh I know - they are all priced out of my range this year. I have slashed my clothing budget - both because I want to and because I have to, but I do have some room for a few new things. I can't find anything that speaks to me, is on my list of things I want this spring and summer , or that feels like me. Club Monaco - all high waist, pleats and cropped tops. BR - ruffle madness, and floral prints, crazy pant colours. Anthro - it's usual kooky self, and nothing to wear to work. Michael Kors - skinny rib knit tops.Boring. At least some things never change Smythe, Vince, Joie, Rag & Bone, Minkoff, etc - now all priced out of my range. The Cdn dollar has really hit those brands.

I've never noticed so much utter sameness and trendiness in stores before this season. Even at the indie boutique level, it's not much better. Maybe it's my age showing? I don't want to wear something that is so clearly the trend of the season because it's so in your face. I walked through Hudson Bay yesterday and again today, and they have this new little feature dept called "The Closet" - showing what they've determined as the picks of the season. Off the shoulder shirting tops. There had to be 4 different brands on that rack and they all looked the same. Colourful embroidered jeans . Same thing . Ugh.

I'm seriously turned off. And I wish I had the budget to shop the bridge labels still , because that's where the sophistication comes back in and where trends aren't forefront.

Rant over. Anyone else not feeling the love this season?