I've commented before about how I'm not really a handbag person. I have one, and I do use it sometimes, but if I can get away without one I will. I live in a climate where a jacket is required for much of the year, and the pockets that come along with that usually suffice for carrying the few personal items I ordinary bring with me. However, in the warmer months, when I don't need a jacket and I'm more likely to be wearing a skirt, I often need at least a small bag. The other day I went out wearing a black-and-white stripe pop/punk/pirate skirt (no useable pockets), a black top, and steampunk boots. It was too warm for a jacket, and my light brown leather bag with brass hardware completely ruined the look. I am forced to acknowledge that I need at least one other bag!

How many bags do you get by with?