I have about 14 bags and I'm eying up another at the moment. But for someone with not a lot of need for bags like yourself I would still guess at the need for two or three in good neutrals.

I bought a new taupe D&B handbag on clearance for Spring and Summer. I like it so much that when I spotted the same handbag in navy for even less $, I bought it to use for Fall and Winter. I also just bought a cheaper dark green Tignanello handbag to take on vacation. It's designed more like a tote, and will be better for travel I think. In addition to those three, I have a snake clutch that I use for special nights out or whatever, when I don't want or need to carry a large handbag.

My current collection is holding at 15.

Angie, you didn't keep the L.K. Bennett clutch? Nooooooooooooo.....


I think you need black AND red. So there.

And I am loving Angie's collection.

I was quite honest when I said I am becoming more of a bag person. I don't have 25 but that list I gave, it was just the list of what I tend to use the most. I also have a few others. (Cough).

It's lucky for me that Danier went out of business.

I like the idea of one good beetlejuicy bag for you. Maybe a really cool black and white lining!
It took me a while to find my bag mojo, but I'm really happy with one purse and a backpack for summer, and then one black purse for winter.
Actually, I think a gym bag that converts to a backpack would be be really nice to have.
I have more handbags but I don't need them.

I am totally starting to see how nice a few different handbags would be - especially in the summer when I don't have additional clothing layers to add interest.

For those of you who use a lot of different bags, do you typically use a different bag for each day? how do you move your belongings from one bag to the next? Do you have a system? Do you do it the night before or that morning? For me, someone who has to work doubly hard to stay organized, it is daunting to think about adding several more steps into the process of getting ready -- I'd love to know your "secrets of the traveling purse"

Lisa, I can store my bags very easily in our small walk-in-closet. All visible and easy to grab.

Thanks, Suz. I'll make a bag lady out of you yet!

Nancy, that gorgeous L.K. Bennett clutch acquired large pink stains, and I tried EVERYTHING to remove them. No luck. Heavy heart. *sad face*.

Ask Natalie how many bags she has - it will be more than me (with purses to match her bags too). My SIL who lives in London has 45 bags.

My storage solution (currently 12 bags) is the linen closet. I keep the lower shelves for my bags and the higher shelves for linen.

BrieN - I have one tri-fold wallet, my phone, tissues, and occasionally a little mesh zip bag with daily medicines/lipgloss that need to move from bag to bag. When I come home I empty out my bag, put it on it's shelf, and these things go in a little basket on the bag shelf (minus the phone which follows me around). When I leave in the morning, I put the things from the basket in my bag of the day, plus the phone and anything specialized like a notebook, plus grab the keys near the door. So far it's worked.

*mourns for a moment for Angie's patterned navy clutch which was a thing of beauty*

I have several dozen. I thrifted many of them, though. I think of the old ones (old Coach bags) as a collection and I enjoy looking at them. I like having my bag go with my outfit. I keep small things (lipstick, emory board, etc) in a small zip bag, so it's easy to transfer from bag to another.

Re: storage. I have a couple of awesome vertical purse hanging strap contraptions like this:
(All credit goes to Shannon, who turned me on to them.) I hang them on hooks on the inside closet wall. You can also use them over doors or possibly even a sturdy coat hanger.

I hang mine on hooks inside a storage closet, put some in my closet, and some on the handle of my study door.

Also you can get "purse organizers" that hold all your stuff and move from bag to bag. Like Rabbit, I only have a few items (keys, small pouch of makeup stuff, wallet, phone, notebook/ book) so switching out a book is not so hard.

I need to go count my handbags... I have two or three that I rotate mostly, but then another two or so that are not in a favored place right now (lesser quality and probably need to go) and I have several small clutch type bags that are more specialty and not regularly used. I also have a few that I never use but am keeping for sentimental reason - and probably should just use!

I am loving Angie's collection! Wow. And I vote that she needs the navy bag. It is perfection.

Ha! I have even more bags than Angie (granted they are all second hand) but tend to actually use only 3 or 4 bags at a time. One large grey, one large cognac, one medium bright red and one small navy are my active bags right now.

Rabbit -- thank you for walking me through your "purse routine". That is very helpful and educational; I can immediately see how that would be a very efficient way to rotate your purses and still have everything you need. Definitely a lightbulb moment for me.

And thank you JAlleen and Suz for more information. I just looked at purse organizers at Amazon. wow. who knew? - a whole new world. I think, for me, a simple mesh bag would work, and have one saved in my amazon cart.

Hope I didn't interrupt the flow of the conversation. Carry On

Metal on a bag will always decide whether it works or not. Especially if you happen to wear a large belt buckle in the opposite metal shade. Or a leather jacket adorned with yellow gold metal, for example, when your purse has silver.

I collect bags, most of them were not too expensive (between 40 and 100 CAN$). I try to steal them on sale at higher end boutiques and shoe stores. I make sure I always have a choice with NO metal, for versatility. For this reason I fell in love with Laurel Burch totes.

I love that I have an assortment of bags to choose from in the morning. For me, they break or make an outfit.

I wish to add that I will more than likely start collecting more handbags now that my feet are so fussy. I used to rely on shoes to make a statement. Now it's going to have to be handbags I guess.

I love handbags. More than shoes. They serve the dual purpose of holding stuff and being a fashion accessory. Each of my bags contain a tampon, bobby pins, a spare $20, a few quarters, and two bandaids. That way, all I need to do is swap out my wallet, phone, lip balm, and hand cream.

Some bags are bigger than others to serve as computer or folio bags. Some are evening bags to go with cocktail dresses and formal attire. Of course, one color won't do, because for instance, a black leather clutch (winter-y) wouldn't really compliment a red silk chiffon gown (summer-y). Some are slouchy for casual days and sub as totes when I go to flea markets or the farmers' market. My everyday bags tend to be tiny and structured and sub as a weapon if I am mugged.

I'm really a shoe person, but my feet won't let me be snazzy. I love handbags, too.