And bought five dresses. Three for summer, two for winter. Finds below. Whee!

The Flossie embroidered dress is a style I've been longing for since I missed the opportunity for something similar on eShakti a couple of years ago. All cotton, flowing but fitted. I bought both available colors. We'll see if they work. The Flossie comes in long sizes, which is good. I vaguely remember someone saying that the full lining made it too hot for true hot weather, so I'm keeping that in mind.

Anastasia shirt dress in blue and white stripe. Either this will fit or it won't! And another one that came in Long, else I would not have tried. Boden's regular sizes are distinctly high waisted on me, and I'm already short waisted.

For winter, the Lavinia knit dress in dark green. This one does not come in long, and I won't be at all surprised if it's too short-waisted. But it was worth trying, since the silhouette is perfect for me. I have several dark green dresses, but none in this silhouette.

And the Flora jersey midi dress in dark green "cosmic" print. Also in Long, yay! I have no idea how it will actually look on me, but the garment measurements were reassuring. And it's hard to find prints in my colors.

A note about sale shopping. I'm a bargain shopper, and I'm on a budget. I don't buy so-so things just because they're on sale. But I also have to pick my high-dollar pieces carefully, and those are very rarely dresses. Dresses, for me, are not investment pieces. I will wear them for years, but I have lots of them and I like it that way. I don't want to put a large amount of my budget into a single dress, unless it's an extremely exclusive item that I know I will wear frequently for years. Regular-priced Boden dresses are too high-priced. But I sorted the sale by price, and browsed only up to my limit. I went through less than half of the list and identified about 5 possibilities, of which I chose these four models. And I'm committing to return them if I'm not super pleased with them! eShakti has a new choose-fabric-and-design feature that I want to try...