I need reasonably-priced, well-fitting, completely flat shoes that will go with black pants.
So here's the issue. I will be working weddings (video) and need to put together an outfit on a very small budget.

The big problem is shoes I have vascular issues and heavy swelling in my ankles and feet. Even without that, my feet are a size 10 and are very wide - almost rectangular in shape. So nothing fits.
Shoes need to be completely flat. A downward-sloped shoe - even a small one - will exacerbate the swelling.
For weddings, they need to be almost sneaker-comfortable as I will be on my feet for 8 hours at a time, and dressy enough to fit in.
These round shoes fit the bill (although at this point they are favorites, so they are Gorilla-glued together - shhh). They're sparkly, which works, but they just don't go with pants. I'm concerned leggings will be too casual.

Another concern is that the whole outfit needs to wear cool. I've been having hot flashes (age 55) and they are quite severe. Also, I'm hesitant to wear skirts as I am sometimes up on a ladder to get high shots, or crouching down.

Please don't judge me for posting such a lousy photo (photographer fail, consider me reprimanded). And yes I will lose the red and not wear it to a wedding (inappropriate to draw attention to yourself with bright colors). Just posted a full body shot to show my body type, which requires a long shirt and loose clothing. (Update: it's not letting me attach a photo here).

The pants here are traveler fabric stretchy black pants. I also have another very nice pair that is a little higher and not as full but can't find anything to go with them.

Thank you for any suggestions. Please remember my budget is very limited. =)