Okay, I need serious help for this wedding outfit. I can't do this on my own.

Shopping was a bust today! Basically, I'm heavier in the stomach than I thought I was. (Some of that was probably water retention, which is now resolving itself, but, the fact remains....)

Most of the dresses didn't fit me around the waist/stomach. When I sized up to those that would, the top was too big around my small shoulders.

One fit-and-flare dress could have worked if it had been available in a larger size.

So, I gave up for today (was exhausted and discouraged) but need to go back in a few days.

This wedding is really important to me, so I'd rather not have to wear a tent (literal or figurative).

I'm thinking that a flowy tunic and skirt combo might be the best way to go right now. I might have a skirt that would work (need to check. Am also open to other ideas. I'd rather not invest too much money in this, as I need to get some things straightened out with my body.

So, knowing that Nordstrum is having a sale, that I also have too many other stores to count available to me, would anyone be willing to make specific suggestions? I'll roam through YLF for ideas, but I'm still getting the lay of the land here.

Quick recap from my intro: petite, apple body type, most colours work superbly (except pastels), no stripes.

P.S. Hope I'm not being too demanding for having just gotten here. I usually like to get more of a feel for forums before asking for help, but desperate times....

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