Whew -- this is ideal, since the loafers are perfect for you yet too orange for me and therefore will create no temptation. Enjoy them and we'll look forward to enjoying them on you.

Love these loafers!

Those ballet flats ARE very pretty on your feet, but I can also see how they look like they would fall right off when you walk. I frequently have that problem and have to put heel inserts in almost every pair of pumps and loafers that I own. It doesn't always fix the problem but it helps.

Love the loafers, and I can't wait to see them in action!

You are so right that fabrication can make a big difference -- in clothing and shoes. I'm always amazed that this isn't taken into account in the design process. Maybe it's just too expensive to do so?

I am seriously considering those loafers now! You're a great model.

I like them for the reasons you say: They are substantial enough for real walking but still screw towards dainty.

Yeah for red loafers! Love them.

The loafers are perfect! So happy you found your pair for spring.

Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm, ladies. You’re lovely. I’m wearing my new red loafers today with a new pair of dark denim culottes, turquoise bag and ink millitary bag over the top. (and nude hosiery for warmth). LOVE THEM.

Mary, I can’t remember those Fryes. Please post them - and it’s nice to be thought of.

Mac, I’m not sure. I’ll give the combination awhirl.

Donna, I’m waiting on the Boden heels. Back ordered till April. Will you be my loafer twin?

Suz, Franco Sarto shoes can be fabulous - agreed. Keep on trying with the loafers. I wonder if a heel lift would work? (See Sara L’s comment too). And thanks for the sweet compliments.

Eliza, it’s good to be picky with your shoes, and I hope these work out for you.

delurked, thanks for having an open fashion mind. Lets see you in those warm colours.

Smittie, excited that you might be my loafer twin.

Those red loafers are gorgeous.

I LOVE penny loafers! It's probably the hardest type of shoe for me to get a good fit on, though. Yours are a gorgeous shade of red.

Angie, here they are! Five years ago this week with my then-Marine in Central Park!

Ah, yes Mary. Now I remember Wonderful.

Congrats on your find! Your perseverance inspires me! I've always found Franco Sarto to be a good fit and comfy. Seems like they're not as plentiful these days. I'm looking at the black and navy perforated suede ones--very intrigued about their long wearability. Thanks again for your inspiration!

I love those loafers they look so stylish and the color looks great too! I would be too nervous to do a bright red all of mine are black, grey, brown.

Yes, loafers are your perfect shade (tomato red) and looking gorgeous!

Thanks, Dana, Sammy and Lyn67. You're lovely.