If you've been keeping up with my Spring & Summer red shoes adventures, here's the next installment. You can read the back stories for context if you like:



Most importantly, my red shoes must be VERY comfortable, not too pricey, and the right shade of red.

Originally, I tried the Franco Sartos in the perforated style, which fell off my feet no matter how I sized down or doctored the size with insoles. The same style comes in FLAT red leather, which I decided to give a go because fabric effects the way a style can fit. Sized down half a size and they fit and feel perfect. Extremely comfy without an extra cushioning insole. A gorgeous tomato red, well made, and very secure on my feet. Modern Classic, and to my eye a good look that works with my style and shape of my foot. Boyish in a girly way because of the refinement. Salatore Ferragamo-ish. Very Euro. See pics.

I'll compare the look and comfort to the pointy toe ballet flats that are on the way, and make my final red flats decision.

ETA UPDATE: The Corso Como flats came today, and there is no comparison. They are too wide, big, flat, flimsy and the wrong red. Although pretty on the foot, there is no reason to try half a size down. Not a good walking shoe. See pics.