ETA UPDATE: The Corso Como flats came today, and there is no comparison. They are too wide, big, flat, flimsy and the wrong red. Although pretty on the foot, there is no reason to try half a size down. Not a good walking shoe. See pics.


The ballet flats look more like decorative shoes than walking shoes. Plus the loafers are so gorgeous with the jeans.

Yay! Go Team Red Shoes!

They look perfect on you Angie, very nice indeed!!

I love the loafers! Great style without being too chunky and awesome colour!

Yay! Mission accomplished
Now I have to hold my thumbs that they come back in stock in my size.

Oh, those loafers are TDF! And how they fit your foot - wow.

Excellent! I do love a loafer : ;

YES, Tanya. Holding thumbs.

Thanks, Sally, Pill and Style Fan. You're honey-pies.

Jenni and Alexandra, nice observation.


Yay! I think the loafers look more 'you' and it's great that they're super comfy too. Enjoy your new red shoes!!!

It's interesting to see the loafers on. I'd never have thought they'd be so feminine and streamlined. It makes me think of loafers in a new light.

YES, Columbine. A refined loafer can look dainty on the foot. Salvatore Ferragamo-ish. Glad the loafer has sparked interest.

Thanks, Manny. You're a honey-pie too.

Yay for easy decisions! The ballet flats do look very pretty, but they are clearly not a good fit for your feet. (I'm thinking our feet are more similar than I thought - I know that gaping at the sides and falling off the heel well.) I'm glad that's sorted and you can get down to wearing them!

Love the loafers

Thanks, Momo.

There you go, Ginger. We have similar feet! Now we can watch each others footwear choices like a hawk.

They look like they were made for you. The pointy flats look awkward in comparison. My feet are vicariously thrilled!

Yep - I agree with you.

Angie, I am so happy you found your red shoes. They look wonderful and in tomato red! Refined loafers are your kind of shoes for sure.

Yay for red shoes! I wore my beloved old red Frye boots today and thought of you, Angie!

Hooray on the loafers. I liked them more

Will you not wear these loafers while carrying your gorgeous frilly Valentino purse? Are the styles too dissimilar or do the shades of red clash?

Congratulations! How lovely to find something you adore.

The loafers look perfect for you, Angie.

fabulous....glad you found the perfect (for you) pair! can't wait to see them styled. although they look lovely as shown

The loafers look great on you!

They look beautiful on your dainty feet! I wish loafers looked like this on my feet, too. Alas, my feet are super wide with big bunions.

The loafers are terrific on you! I love them! I would have liked to try them out while they had them, too bad. Ok so your sorted for the flats, have you received any of the heels yet?

The loafers are gorgeous! I am really glad you are keeping them. Such a delicious red, and perfect on your foot. Love the bag selection, too. Thanks for that, Xtbay!

I agree that Franco Sarto is often a little large but I have found several styles extremely comfortable (especially sandals but also a boot) and they seem to last a long time in my closet.

If I could wear loafers, I might try these as well! Alas, though -- ask Sveta..she has watched me try on loafers, slipper flats, etc. and all pop off my foot. I won't say that I'll never buy a pair because I did eventually (after about a million tries) find one slip on sneaker that worked for me in a full size down...but it is so rare for me to find a slip on style that works, even with a higher vamp, that it is almost safe to say that fateful word...which is a shame, since I love the style aesthetic.

Love those loafers, Angie. They look beautiful on and I am smitten with how the color reads. I am trying my white ones and if they work, I'll consider adding a pair in red or light blue. (I vet my shoes as carefully as some people choose their partners.) I like the refinement of the leather vs. suede in appearance and suede may stretch more over time. Interesting that the perforated ones are bigger to begin with. I would also like a pair of perforated loafers at some point. Your fit description lets me know these won't be the right ones.


Late to this party, but the loafers look good on your foot. Better than the rejects for sure. You may inspire me to break out my red flats. I've also considered some red sandals, which would certainly get a lot of play. The only red sandals I had were too high in the heel, which I don't do anymore.

Also, I've been letting some warm tones come into my wardrobe in big part to your open mindedness. Still saying no to the cold shoulder though - tried one on recently and laughed at myself. It had some odd droopy half attached sleeve. Have to draw the line somewhere.