The bootie, that is. No hat shots.

So much for Austerity August. I thought I would give some info on this bootie if anyone else has been considering.

I liked the look of the Everybody Fedora bootie because of the style and color.
Don't have try-on pics, but it is, as Angie said, comfy but still sleek (tapered but not pointy; I have to be careful falling for more pointy styles because ultimately they start to squish). I thought it might be less flower-potty, , but it does not really fit closely enough on my ankle to look great with skirts (for my bleary eye), though it's better than some. (I think i will not search for more ankle-boot/tights HEWI's but keep eye out for shootie styles or heeled loafer, etc)

BUT the relatively close fit and sleek design of this bootie make it work great with quite a few of my narrower pants --"straight" trousers and slightly tapered styles--which were hanging up on some of my other ankle boots. Also, it's a bit lower heel than my other ankle boots, so amazingly I am getting pretty good PPL with some pants that were hemmed to scrunch with some loafers with 1/2-1" heel. So, to me it stretches the wear of those pants into fall and mild winter, with sweaters and such, and that feels good to me. ( Of course they also work with wider trousers).

The benefit there is that those pants are all ready to go at "Fedora length". The second benefit is that I can go ahead and hem some straight winter-weight pants to this heel height and put into circulation. I am finding that the straighter pants don't really benefit from a lot of heel height the way a wider trouser does, for looks.(When worn out over the boot)

The color is a good almost-color, almost-neutral to provide interest without saying, look at me. Really good with gray and false plains. It's a warmer dark red than I choose in tops, but is great for leather footwear. Can read as a red or a brown. Fun.

I didn't really "need" the diagonal zipper, and to some extent it's annoying because when I'm in a hurry, I want to pull straight on it, and you have to pull in the diagonal direction. But that's a minor thing. Also one reviewer didn't like the heel, which is molded synthetic. I thought that might bother me, but it's a distinct heel, and it doesn't seem to be any kind of issue.

As much as I try to hem pants for PPL's, I keep finding that over time, some pants "get shorter" even if I wash or dryclean before hemming. So I have some that used to work with a higher heel but now do not. Or, I have some pants hemmed for "flats" for warm weather and while my strategy is to just target some as summer pants, some others really are useful year-round and then I want to wear a boot. Or the boot vamp or material somehow affects how the pants fall over it.

So instead of trying to have all boots the same heel height, or expect them to work with everything, I'm just going with the flow having these slight variations that work better with some pant lengths and hem widths. The Fedora's just seem to fill in a gap that way.

That's my justification, anyway!

ETA: Pic with AT "straight" gray pants and Vince sweater for first fall cool snap this week. You can see that a bootcut or wider pants will fall lower and cover more of boot for a longer leg look, but these scrunch over the boot okay for the pants style, I think.

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