Way to go (literally as well;-), Kari!! Can I just say that I am soooo inspired by you!!! What an achievement!! And extra kudos for establishing a regular walking routine. I so love all your outfits, activewear and other ones, they're all so completely you (and you know I love these colours too;-) Just seeing you and Lucy walk by would put me in such a good mood.

P.S. Where did you find your virtual walking groups, Kari? I don't have a regular walking buddy, and I think that having groups like yours would help a lot with getting me out of the door in the first place;-)

congratulations, Kari! You've got some great walking clothes--it's fun to have pretty gear when you work out, isn't it? For me, it can add some motivation. Lots of pretty surroundings, too! And the group sounds super fun. I have been getting into bicycling myself, and I much prefer going with others than cycling by myself.

Thank you! It was a lot of fun. For those interested, the organization is the Hogwarts Running Club-it’s a year round organization but this was a special event. You’ll find a page and several sub-groups on Facebook.

Yes, I am WAY more motivated to work out when I’m dressed in bright colors that make me happy! Plus, um, a little less scared about being invisible to cars. I’ve stocked up on this activewear capsule since we got Lucy so I don’t have a laundry bottleneck. I also recently learned about a company, Sparkle Skirts, that makes running skirts and kilts!!! That’s the plaid skirt I am wearing here. It has gadget/smartphone pockets and a zipper for keys. So smart and comfortable.

You look terrific in your bright walking gear! I was wondering about the skirt - so thank you for answering above. I need to get out walking more, too, and our dog would thank me for it as well. Lovely to see you and Lucy looking so happy to be out and about.

I love that you were surprised by your accomplishment - set out to do 20 and rocked almost 5x that much?! This can only be done when there is a high enjoyment level. Fun athletic gear definitely helps, and thank you for pointing out how important it is to stand out to motorists and cyclists. More and brighter colors always! Congratulations, and you look amazing! As does gorgeous Seattle in the springtime.

Amazing! Walking is THE best exercise and you are inspiring me to get the Fitbit on and get moving. Fantastic accomplishment! And you look terrific to boot

What a cool thing! Ravenclaw 4EVA.

Thanks! We were lucky to have some beautiful Spring days that week, but also had some seriously wet ones. I had a few walks where I got more soaked than I’ve ever been (I knew a hot bath wasn’t far away.) It was so fun! I’m not keeping up that level of walking on a regular basis, but 20-30 miles per week is a good target. I’m trying to do jogging intervals on the treadmill even though it’s not my favorite thing so I can challenge myself for very short distances.

High five Ravenclaw!

You look adorable, your dog is adorable and the story is adorable too.