Thank you, ladies. You are all so sweet.

Tanya, I wore my new booties all day right out of the box - BAREFOOT - and they are gems. WOW. Paul Green gets my feet. Outfit that I wore is below in Finds.

Viva and Rebekaphoto, Glassybabys are from the Madrona neighbourhood in Seattle - my hood - the glassblowers and their kilns are a three minute walk from our house. We ALL have them around here! Very fun, and high five.

Unfrumped, I don't understand your question, but would like to.

Meredith, what size shoe do you wear?

I've been eyeing those boots since last year, I think. (They had virtually the same style, different name.) Now I can admire them on you!!
I know you've had other Paul Green shoes, and I find it surprising that they are as comfy for you as they are for me, since I have a high volume foot. Paul Green totally "gets" my feet, too. Whatever I get in that brand seems to work. (I will say the d'Orsay pumps I tried on were okay, not swoon-worthy; I was a bit relieved to have that temptation removed.)

Angie , see Find- I have these PG flats in black snake but they are still available in that Truffle color. For me, that color would be spring- summer and a way to have mildly dressy footwear for lighter colored pants or dresses which I like for the legline-- like a nude. They are quite comfortable compared to even a wedge heel, but, the square- toe- block heel could change that equation for dresses. So I'm wondering if it's too much of a gamble on the outfits and styles I might wear next spring, , to get them in truffle now. I really love this style of ankle strap eith cropped or ankle pants for me and mostly use it with dark colors to close the gap. The strategy is a little different with the nude color; the strap helps the shoe stay on so I can wear a fit that is looser in the toe box when pounty. Akso this style and leather is bunion- friendly.

Angie, I usually need 11s in boots. These only go to 10.5. I could try the 10.5s, but Nordies details suggest sizing up and that worries me. But you say they might run big. Perhaps worth a shot after all.

Give them a try, Meredith. They might work because you have low volume feet.

Sharan, I KNOW. It happens quite frequently that Paul Green shoes work both for lower and higher volume feet. Remarkable. I suspect that low volume feet size down half a size. I take a 3.5 in Paul Green, which is a US 6, and I usually take a US 6.5.

unfrumped, get the truffle.

Gorgeous booties, the taupe is a beautiful color!

Gorgeous shoes and what a great story on the fit! I have held and tried on PG shoes and felt how lovely the are, but haven't taken the plunge.

I really like how you combined smaller prints and several different neutral colors in your outfit...more like textures than prints it seems...

And how lucky you are to have glassblowers right in your neighborhood!

These are not for me, but I have to chime in and say that I am a huge Paul Green fan after wearing the Cayannes this summer. I tried to return them, fretting over the price point, but the SA talked me into keeping them. Most expensive pair of non-boot footwear I've purchased. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

I love these boots for you, Angie!

Are this the same model?

I got recently my silver Cayenne from the same shop for only 81 Euros.

Anchie, they don't sell to the U. S., we cannot open the link, it says "sorry, this page is not available in your country".
PGs are great shoes but I don't know why they have to be so much more expensive here than in Europe for example.

It is weird that you cannot even open the link. I just checked, they really don't ship to US, bat they do to number of countries, Canada for example. I am not trying to advertise them, just feeling that is unfair that you have to pay so much more for the same shoes.

I agree with you, Anchie. I would say if you love them and are sure about the size, go for the internet source if they sell to your country.

They are gorgeous Angie and the colour is beautiful. I have a similar boot in navy from Zara and i love them

Love them. I also am sad I passed on pg on my last trip to Germany. They were so inexpensive there! It's hard for me to pull the trigger on them now in the US.

Gorgeous - masculine brogue detailing with very feminine lines.

What size? 6.5 or 7?

I have to run ladies, but wanted to thank you for the kind words and PG validation. I LOVE these boots, and my feet are thrilled.

Laura, A size US 6. (PG 3.5). I size down in PG.

Thanks Angie! Popped them in my shopping bag for future consideration.

I just looked at the Paul Green shoes I have. I have a high volume foot (I think --- I have very high arches and wider feet). I am usually a solid 6.5 US. One pair of my PG boots is a size 4 and the other two are 3.5.

Thanks for the recommendation, Angie! Paul Green has been on my radar lately, recommended to me by several friends. I plan to check them out on my next trip to Nordie's. Will keep you posted!

Just went to Portland's Nordstrom looking for black loafers and came home with these in truffle. Oops...

These are as Angie described: beautifully made, soft leather and great on my narrower ankles, longer toed feet. Remarkably, though the foot bed is not conspicuously cushioned, there is great comfort and support, as well as room for a slender insole. Stretching out one hot spot in hotel to be sure they are a go for me; pretty sure a different pair in the same size would have spared me this. (They only had one pair in my size..) I am also in the smaller half size of my two possible sizes. Tried half size up, but they gaped and weren't as comfortable. Suggest you shop for these glove-like booties after lots of walking or later in the afternoon. The truffle color has just enough gray in it to appeal to me.

Many thanks for the recommendation and confirming their versatility, Angie. I really had my eye on a pair of higher shaft booties for crops in my cold climate. Hard to find them with a low heel, narrow shaft and comfortable foot bed. These may be as close as I get.

On another note, Nordstrom's is a whole different ballgame in this part of the west coast. Selection is very scant near my home in the north east, leading to almost exclusively on-line shopping.

Deleted duplicate post.

I got the boots and I love them! -- I normally wear an 8 in shoes that I don't wear socks with and an 8.5 in boots (w/socks). I ordered an 8.5 and put an insert in them. I've worn them around the house and am getting a little bit of heal slippage. So, I've got the 8 on the way. The 8.5 can work but I want to see if the 8 feels better.

I've never spent this much on a shoe/boot but I can see that these will be a workhorse for me with skinny jeans (and knee highs for warmth). I love the taupey color that seems like it will go with everything and is low contrast when I want to wear my white jeans in the winter.

Angie, thanks so much for the recommendation on these. I would have never bought them without your input! And thank you for showing that outfit you wore recently with them (with the navy blazer). I was able to duplicate that from items in my closet and I would not have thought of it on my own.

Thanks again and my feet say "big thanks!" They are so comfy and that is of utmost importance to me these days!!!