Beautifully made, impeccable quality, refined, extremely comfortable and very supportive. Well worth the price. Very happy feet. You KNOW you're wearing the very best on your feet when you slide into these. They rival my equestrian Prada booties. They work VERY well on narrow ankles and long toes. Incredible fit. One of those magical fits that works on lots of shapes of feet. (Not on bunions in this case though - too narrow).

The colour of the taupe is accurate and it also comes in black. Might run half a size big. Prettier in the taupe to my eye, and less Tomboy (especially with the light sole and white stitching). They HAD TO follow we home. I LOVE THEM.

And a little Maximal Coat Fabness on the side from Zara. (No. I did not get the coat or want it - but I like looking at it).