I did not have to wear a school uniform thankfully, just work uniforms (briefly...).

While they may eliminate the appearance of socio economic differences, the physical differences become much more apparent. Everyone else looks more the same, but if you are the tallest, heaviest, only person of your ethnicity, person with a wheelchair, oldest, etc the spotlight is on You- All The Time. With a uniform you are valued for your conformity, but when you cannot conform- no one knows you have other value.

Suntiger,that is a good point which I'd never thought of.

I will never forget a chemistry teacher for some god-awful reason deciding to demonstrate a principle by choosing the biggest and smallest girl in the class to act as the two extremes of size ... even as an idiotic 16-year-old I knew this was torturous in particular for the 'big' girl, incidentally a very popular, well-liked and sporty girl, so her vulnerability in that moment was a good wake-up call for me (she was very tall as well as larger in body frame) and I still can't imagine what possessed this teacher. It never occurred to me that all of us wearing the same thing might have emphasized her different body type even more.

Thank you for sharing your perspective!

Hahaha, I too have my bad memories of what the nuns made me wear. You had it better, though - my main uniform was a maroon plaid. Like so:

Then, when I went to catholic HS, I had a choice of maroon plaid again or plain grey. I preferred the latter but the former still fit so it stayed in rotation. UGH. I could also wear khakis, which I hated and still do hate on me, so really, I couldn't win.

I also hated tucking my tops in until very recently, because of these years.

My school uniform was as follows:

Medium charcoal grey V-neck jumper
Light grey short or long sleeve oxford style shirt ( worn with a blue and red striped tie in the winter term ) or you could wear a light grey or white turtleneck skivvy instead
Girls - Blue, red and white tartan skirt or navy slacks
Boys - Charcoal grey slacks or shorts
Black leather shoes.

...So I guess it wasn't too disgusting.

That is very similar to the high schools around here now. Most have a blazer, plaid skirt, white blouse and tie. Colours vary but very similar.

My son wears a grey shirt and shorts and roman sandals with a maroon jumper. In their last year they mostly wear a blazer, white shirt, tie and long trousers and black shiny shoes. Their hair has to be off the collar, natural colour etc..... It keeps things nice and simple to be honest.

No uniform stories of my own, but I must share a story about my eldest daughter. She attended Catholic school and was the first in our family to wear a uniform. (White blouse, blue pinny, striped tie and blazer.) One day she said "Mommy, if I bring 50ยข to school on Friday I'm allowed to wear fizzies." (She meant civvies.)

My Seattle Forest Ridge Convent school uniform was - guess - Forest Green wool, heavy as a horse blanket. White blouse with a Peter Pan collar. Could not remove our jackets no matter how hot the temperature. I still, after 60 years, cannot abide the color for my own personal clothing.