In reading through people's lists of essentials and signature elements, it strikes me that there seem to be two types of people: those who like a lot of moving elements in their clothes, and those who don't. By movement, I'm thinking of things like swishy skirts, bangles, flounces, ruffled or belled sleeves, fringes and tassels, loose fits in drapey/fluid fabrics, ponchos and large scarves, etc.

I definitely fall into the other camp, with a strong preference for fairly static, structured clothing without any loose dangly bits. I don't even wear earrings, and if I did, they definitely wouldn't be the dangly type.

I have a feeling this is not just an acquired aesthetic preference, but involves some deeper psychology. I know there are people who feel very happy wearing clothes that flutter and flounce -- I'm just not one of them. I'm happiest when my garb holds still and stays out of the way.

That said, right now, I'm very drawn to the idea of a full, swishy skirt in a midi length (see Finds below). I like the look of this silhouette, especially when paired with a very fitted or tailored top. But it's very much a departure from my usual preferences and would definitely be a statement piece in my wardrobe. I've had a bunch of midi skirts in the past but they've all been fairly heavy structured garments: velvet, pleated wool, etc. A foray into swishy could be interesting for me, but it will have to be an inexpensive version, in case it's something I tire of quickly.

What about you -- are you on Team Structure or Team Swishy?