I really like the polkadot skirt with the white dots. That would be a good one with sneakers.

I guess I'm sort of in the middle. On the bottom especially, I prefer tighter fits. If I had a different lifestyle, I would wear more floaty midi skirts, but I find them a very feminine look for work, and not practical with my grade school kids.

Ps: What I mean by feminine at work is that I stand out, and I don't really want to stand out that much. This is a confidence issue for me, I think.

I like some movement in certain clothes - tops primarily.

I'm more of a structure person. I think I'm about 75/25% structure-to-"movement". I like an occasional flowy piece, especially in summer, but I prefer structure on me.

I don't care to make noise when I'm in motion, and I don't like jangly jewelry -- an old preference partly because of a career in radio in which I always had to be sure I wasn't wearing anything that clanked or jangled when I am on mic.

I wear mostly closer cut In pants/jeans and loose, oversized on top. I occasionally wear fitted blazers but prefer more of a boyfriend style. And no frills I used to like fluid, a-line tops biut don't like them on me anymore. I try to choose the oversized tops that are proportional to my petite frame and have a bit of structure mostly in the shoulders or sleeves area. On of my favorite styles in tops is a boxy top with tight fitted sleeves.

I like structure - strong shoulders, narrow sleeves & Princess seams but only with a stretch fabric. I also like drape & asymmetry with softer non-stretch fabric.

I like movement. Everything is movement to me, even when I wear skin tight skinny jeans and form fitting knit tops with ballerinas, for me these items move, only they move glued to me, instead of further away, like flowey skirts and blouses. Too much structure for me means my mom's 1950's square tops or triangular shift dresses. My clothes moving with me means they work for me, not the reverse. I am team movement all the way. In my view, and for my built, structure tends to hide my body, whereas movement reveals it.

I definitely prefer movement. While I often wear slim pants or leggings to offer some structure to an outfit, I very much favour flowy tunics, layered and/or asymmetrical tops, swishy skirts on dresses, etc. I occasionally indulge in structured jackets, but only because they bring balance to an otherwise high-movement top. I think this is part of the reason I prefer dresses to pants overall - it is easier to get a balance between the swish of the skirt (I almost always wear a fit and flare style and sometimes shifts) and the definition of the waist and bodice.

Then again, for work I need to be able to squat, kneel, reach and sometimes sit on the floor. Clothing that moves with me is a must.

Team Swishy!
I wear bangles regularly and like loose silhouettes, fringe, tassels, etc. It's part of my boho vibe.

Definitely structure, although with limited room for movement. Following Janet's example, I would say I am probably 80/20 or 85/15 structure/flow. I like bell cuffs much more than bell sleeves and structured wide leg pants as opposed to drapey thin fabric pajama-esque pants. I like the idea of a full skirt but can't wear one because I am waist-less; even if I had a waist I am not sure it would fit my style. I love the look though and really appreciate it on others.

I also tend to a more static/structured look, with a few exceptions, mostly in summer.

It is getting that magic mix between structure/movement and comfort that is the key thing for me.