Dear Fabbers,
I am curious about your use of accessories and what role accessories play in your style and your wardrobe.

I consider myself an accessories person. In my wardrobe, accessories play a central part. I have by far more accessories than clothes and shoes. I build my outfits and my wardrobe on combinations of accessories - scarves, bags, gloves, costume jewelry and various pairs of sunglasses. Hunting for new fun and interesting accessories gives me joy. I am also willing to spend far more on fabulous scarves or sunnies than on items of clothing. I try to create complements in many, many colours. I use pattern in scarves, but almost never in clothes.

I know that this is all very individual. How do you feel about accessories? Do you have any accessories/clothes/shoes ratio for your wardrobe or your budget? Do you prefer shopping for clothes and/or shoes or accessories? How do you use colours and patterns in your wardrobe? And what is your favourite kind of accessories? Mine are scarves - I am basically a collector. I also love brooches.