Thank you for sharing your great story and congratulations!

Congratulations! And even without your story or connection I would be wowed by the culottes.

Fantastic! I love that they used your boots for the photo shoot. Very cool!

Wow! I’m really impressed. Congratulations!

Congratulations! Somehow it seems perfectly appropriate that this happened to you. You have so much talent and passion for fashion. And what fab culottes!

Stunning culottes! Love their vibrancy. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing culottes. The fabric is stunning. And they used your boots!!! I am in awe of your talents.

Dang!!! Seriously absolutely amazing!
Oh crikes, just beyond awesome

Wow! I am awed. And I am going to look for this issue - collector's edition! Thank you for the wonderful story.

Congratulations! You created a beautiful garment and many women would love to own.

Wow, Liz! gorgeous colours. The coulottes design really showcases the pattern. Congratulations!

That’s awesome! And amazing fast creative work on your part. Brava!

WHAT?! Your creation is beautiful and the interview with Melanie is fascinating. Oh, I am so proud of you!

What a story you have to tell <3 Congrats on a fab pair of culottes that made it into a fashion magazine!

Congratulations. This is really exciting.

Congratulations! We have enjoyed seeing your creative talent on YLF and now you have some official industry endorsement of something we have known all are a special, talented, creative person who deserves all the best! Awesome culottes!

Congratulations , what a talent you have !!

Ahmazing story and achievement! Now I can proud myself knowing somebody at Vogue:-))))).

Great experience I believe
Such moments and what you feel at that time are good to "save" in your memory to use when life is not st it's best

That is so exciting - congrats! And the culottes are fabulous!

Late but...what a story / coup / testament to your creativity!

And on a career note -- I love when what seems like a side- or even back- step end up taking us forward.

Here's to continuing your momentum!

Congratulations. Gorgeous. I have done a little draping so get the challenge especially with such a big print. Kudos to you.

Everyone, thank you all so much for your generous feedback. I wish I could claim more than good luck and opportunism, because that fabric was just too good to waste. I don't know what else to say just now because it's all very surreal. No idea if it will have any lasting significance but it's certainly a nice start to the year.

Firecracker: haha and surely you know I watch Project Runway instead of horror films?! Honestly, that show scares the life out of me!

: Nobody round here seems to know whether the feature is going into the print edition. If we find out I will certainly let you know!

Wow! And that is VERY spectacular use of a challenging fabric!

So exciting! This is definitely the closest I have come to fashion stardom.

Endorsed by Vogue Italia, it does not get better than that! Congratulations. A stunning design.

How brilliant is this, Liz! Congratulations! (And fab that you are enjoying your new job!)