Rae's "to pixie or not to pixie" thread, and Suz's older thread have me thinking about my hairstyle this evening.

I've had almost everything from very long hair to a very short pixie, and I like them all reasonably well, but have no idea which ones look best on me. When I got my current pixie (about a year and a half ago), I decided that for me to "do" short hair meant that I'd have to learn to cut it myself - I simply don't make the time to go have it cut every month (and my hair grows fast - at it shortest, I cut it every two weeks). I've gone in two or three times since to get my overall shape fixed, but for the most part just cut it myself.

But lately I've been missing my shoulder-length layers from a few years ago. I wonder if they suited my face better. Or maybe I wonder if it's easier (I never did anything to it, so yes, it was). I'm not sure I have the right face for a pixie... Maybe I'm just wanting variety?

How do you decide what hairstyle to choose? Here's a bunch of pics of me with various hair lengths. (Also varying over about 20 pounds as I gained and lost weight of carrying five babies). Does anything in particular work better than anything else?

#1-6 are all in the past three years. #7-8 are way back in college (My hair at it's longest, and my first pixie cut), and #9-10 are now.

Thanks for humoring me by looking at these (a trip through memory lane for me)

I'd love your thoughts and opinions!

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