Always with the sports analogies...

I wear denim all the time: for work, for casual , and for 'going out'...but despite having about 500 pair of jeans, I haven't changed the look in years. I stick to my uniform of GAP or JBrand skinnies, or Kut/Pilcro cropped flares and I'm getting sick of myself.

I know what I *don't* want : full length jeans (bootcut or straights) but beyond that, I don't see much out there that is grabbing my attention . Anthropologie is full of jeans that have the contents of my Grade 7 sewing box on them, Gap is full of their same old thing, and Aritizia is full of premium denim in sizes 00, 0 and 2, lol. Plus, is it just me, or is trying on denim right up there with trying on a swimsuit? I never know what size I am .

Premium denim is pretty pricey in Canada, and not easy to find locally....which means ordering online....and no free returns. Too risky.

What silhouettes should I be considering to bring myself in to the new millennium? Where do find a straight-legged, dark rinse, but lived-in and cropped pair of jeans (I have a pic of Alexa Chung in the perfect pair of unknown jeans saved in pinterest ) ? What is flattering to an aging body with a less-than-fab midsection but who refuses to go classic?