As a fellow self-employed person, I tend to wear jeans most of the time during the cold season. And I find myself getting tired of all of the novelty for the sake of novelty in jeans.

I swore I wasn't going to get another pair of jeans with frayed hems, but I got these black Madewells this week and they are fantastic.I usually prefer mid rise too -- I don't have much of a waist and a lot of the high rise stuff just pinches really hard. Also I think black skinnies are having a little bit of a moment over blue this winter.

I have had my eye on leather jeans for a while, but the ones I like, mid-rise, Frame, are at such a high price point that I'm hoping for a 60% off sale after New Year's or something.

The non-jeans that I have been wearing in rotation as much as jeans for the first time ever are two pairs of Nili Lotan pants, only one of which I got on sale.

Lisa - Ireally like those Nili Lotans . I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of army green pants and perhaps they are more of a summer thing as I am having zero luck. Good point about black denim being a good alternative. And yes, I would love a pair of leather jeans, but like you, find the price points out of my range right now.

I love the Nili Lotans so much. They don't look like much on the hanger but I love the low rise fit, and I get more compliments on them then any of my other pants. And I forgot to mention, I have Vince cargo pants, from the summer but a heavier weight, that I really like and that are army green (if you click the find, you will see the green version).

Lisa p, I sooooooo get how hard it is to find dresses.

I'm going to suggest my favourites again - since you can hack to any length. These jeans really streamline the body into a silhouette I think you might like.

Lis - these are exactly what I want, but don't want to pay $250 for them. They are down to $177 US - and with shipping etc....ugh. I love Vince but have stopped buying it in the last two years because the prices here have gotten so high. And the Nili's are officially out of my price range :(. Need to find a duplicate at a mid price level.

Tucking into the belt...yes, yes, yes...that's what I do 90% of the time..and then throw a blazer over. And yes to Nili lotan's. As you say, expensive as heck, but...try eBay (or theRealReal... hmm now that I saw that not sure if they ship to Canada).

Angie - I have noted yours, and others' love for the WHBM jeans. Do you think they are any different than other skinnies out there? I understand that the fit is great , which makes them to check out shipping to Canada

kkards - this tucking into a belt is foreign territory for me - but again, it works for you thinner women, and is less attractive on me. It is what it is, and I'm trying to stop the cycle of feeling I need to lose weight and pretending it's even an option anymore. The whole fly area of a pair of jeans is my absolutely worst body part, if that makes any sense. I am convex there, rather than flat or concave , lol. Interesting to hear you are a Nili fan too - thanks for that recommendation .

Angie - again, now I'm laughing . The WHBM are only available in a 00. That ship sailed many years ago, I'm afraid. Hopefully they will restock .

Blast, Lisa p. WHBM re-stocked the jeans TWICE this year - and sold out again. That says something - I am not alone in loving these jeans. They ABSOLUTELY fit differently to other skinnies. They look more chic to my eye. Very good fit.

OK ! They sound like winners to me. I'll keep an eye on their website. Do you know anything about their skinny utility jeans? I can't really tell from the photo what makes them a utility pant.

I recently ordered a pair of Gap 1969 dark wash mid-rise straight jeans (fit slim on me) on sale for $30 and they have become fast favorites. I believe they are 98% cotton. Not sure if they still have them.

No solutions, but very interested in the answers!

I agree that there are no wow factor jeans out that are tempting me. And I refuse to pay $200 for a pair of jeans I don't care how good they fit.

ALEXACHUNGMid-rise straight-leg jeans $220 now $132 40% OFF. Now I just said that, I found these jeans on Net a Porter on sale. So stylish. Going to take the plunge. Your should check them out. Don't know about shipping to Canada.

No suggestions but since I wear jeans daily I found this questioning interesting. And I will agree with others who have stated that denim styles really aren't varied at the moment. All I see are variations on a skinny jean, cropped, ripped, dyed, it's all skinnies. I had to order online to get a pair of bootcuts, which was unexpected because they used to be a staple jean style. But not right now. Maybe because it's boot season in my area. For the spring, I'm debating trying a "girlfriend" cut. In warm months I don't want skin tight clothes and I wouldn't mind a change from my cropped boyfriend jeans.

Yup, swimsuit, bra, and denim shopping compete for the least favourite fashion activity.

In the past two months, I've ordered around 20 pairs of jeans, and feel you on the challenge of trying to look fresh. I ended up settling on a not-so-fresh cut by CH for Shopbop. They're on the loose side of slim; lower than mid-rise, but not quite low-rise; ankle is on the looser side. They look like they can work in winter or summer, cuffed above or worn over slim boots, or cuffed with low-vamp shoes. They're not skinny enough to work with tall boots, however.

Among the pairs that stood out from the many orders: a medium-wash skinny with a tux seam in a contrasting colour; and a button-up wide-leg pant with giant cuffs that looked inside out. Both of these options seem like you could DIY or have a tailor do it for you, without necessarily having to spend big bucks on a new pair.

Posting in a separate comment because I want to make sure this isn't missed.

ETA: We're also approaching the time of year where leather pants can be up to 70% off. I remember getting really good deals on Theory, but one of them was final sale. The sizing was consistent compared to their wool trousers.

ETA2: Also, if you're not on rag & bone's email list, I'd get on that. Yes, their sizing is frustratingly inconsistent, and cuts with the same name can vary season to season. But if you know your size in a specific model, you can save a lot simply by waiting and using sale codes that are distributed via the listserv later on in the season. For instance, a leather skirt that I was eyeing two months ago that was $595, went on sale for around $415, but was $249 for those with the email sale code.

Thanks GF - great advice!

I am really just popping in to say hi! I have so little knowledge re jeans because I so rarely wear them. When I do, it's a no fuss skinny jean. I like Gryffin's suggestion and can testify that the semi tuck behind the buckle works a treat. That's exactly how I wear my two belts. I also like the idea of Waxed and or leather (faux leather). I wear my faux leather skinny pants to work and I always feel amazing in them. I have wanted a waxed black pair for a very long time but as yet have not found a pair that fit they way I want. Good luck. I am looking forward to seeing what you decide and clearly I could do with a little inspo myself xx

try shopping in different places?

GAP is my go to, they fit my body well. but I have found some gems at TJMaxx and Marshalls, usually one off brands.

don't forget the juniors section as well depending on the fit they can work if higher waisted