One of my goals for 2018 is to take better care of my skin. I notice that quite a few other forum members have mentioned similar goals.

I read this recent thread on skin care routines with interest although I have to say that much of it may as well be a foreign language to me.

When I research skin care products the cacophony of options quickly overwhelms me and to be honest also activates my inner skeptic.

Or maybe it is that marketing materials assume background knowledge that I don't have.

Do you know of any resources that explain what different types of skin care products are for and how to figure out what you need?

For reference, here is my current skin care routine:
-Wash with olive oil soap when I shower in the morning. (If I wash my face at night I suppose theoretically I don't need to wash it again in the morning although I am often showering after swimming and need to get the chlorine off.)
-SPF25 face sunscreen by Badger after showering in the a.m. Lately this has seemed kind of sticky and drying to me so I'd like to find something else. I just noticed that it isn't actually a moisturizer. Oops.
-*whispers* sometimes, ok a lot of times, I don't wash my face at night. If I do, I steal some of my daughter's sensitive skin cleanser (it's by Burt's Bees)
-and then after washing at night I put on a serum with vitamin C by Avalon organics. I started using this bc someone mentioned Boots No.7 serum being amazing and I used that for a while and then wanted something that was more "natural"/not tested on animals. IDK.

I generally have a less-is-more point of view here (partly for philosophical reasons, a la "our bodies can mostly take care of themselves," and partly because I'd rather spend my money on another cardigan than another cream!). But clearly I could stand to up my game. I am just not sure where to start.

Please feel free also to jump in with your own questions/confusions on this thread. Help me feel less alone in being mystified by this, lol!