I returned home from my trip, and the marbleized print blazer arrived while I was gone. The good: I love the print — it’s subtle enough to be wearable and not wacky. It’s roomy in the body and hangs nicely. The fabric is not heavy, but it’s also not cheap-looking. The quality is great — there’s a zipper pocket inside the lining!

But… the shoulders with pads extend about 1.5” past my actual shoulders. Is that how boyfriend blazers are supposed to fit?? Now I see why the stock photos are so “posed” — you can’t see how big the shoulders are.

I’m not sure about the exaggerated shoulder, especially on me with my tiny little pin head. Will it look too much like an 80s throwback, and will it look hopelessly dated in a couple of years? Is it possible to tailor the shoulder point??

I actually quite like the fit otherwise — it’s comfortable across the back (from armpit to armpit across), and pleasantly roomy but not overwhelming in the hip. I fear sizing down to a small may make it too small.

Any thoughts on this fit point? I will try to post pics later.