You have the height and the rock 'n roll cred to carry this look, Janet. I like it a lot. I understand the wish to compare it with a size down but overall, I'm a yay on this.

thank you for posting this. i had/have no idea what the answer is, but have been pondering the same issue. i have a blazer that i talked into buying (ok that i bought) that i haven't worn because of this issue.
also agreeing that i really like this on you.

Janet - as you know I have a ton of boyfriend blazers. A few with shoulder pad (helmut Lang). Most are more fitted in the shoulder with not too big arms. That said the blazer looks awesome on. I didn’t notice the shoulders being out of proportion at all. I would compare to a size down to see. But looks incredible on. How does it feel?

Gryffin, it feels good! It’s roomy in the shoulder but comfortable across the back and chest, and I can button it up and sit down in it, which is nearly unheard of (hips make this impossible usually). But it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly large, just pleasantly so.

Depends on the size of the boyfriend.

I'd like the shoulders to be narrower, but love it otherwise!

Cee, exactly what I meant to say!

The blazer suits you (ha!). That said - have you thought about the pants, too? The print is so good on you that I could see both working beautifully, either together or separately.

Cee, LOL! I love that some people can actually wear their husband/boyfriend’s items and not look ridiculous — I’m not exactly short or small, but my husband is nearly a foot taller than I am and his clothes are way too oversized on me to wear!

Laura, that would be a good idea, but even though the pants are pictured with that blazer, they don’t appear to be available through Nordstrom — I haven’t investigated further though. Pants are a difficult fit on me, and those appear to be pleated, which is not a good look on me. Still, if I saw them, I’d try them on!

I love this unbuttoned on you and love the drama of the shoulder pads. I don’t see a pinhead situation at all. So many fun styling options with this piece. Fantastic!