Pantone has named Ultraviolet the colour of the year.

I'm pretty neutral towards this colour; I don't love it or hate it. Granted, I felt the same about last year's colour (Greenery) and the year before that (the pair of pastels). Greenery has't made it into my wardrobe at all, and I have all of one pale pink item (a hoodie -- also a cap in a darker shade of blush), and one pale blue (a linen scarf).

My wardrobe actually has less purple in it right now than ever before. I never intentionally purged my purple, but there hasn't been much of it in stores, and I'm pretty picky about what sort of purple I wear. I have one dress in a very deep, inky eggplant. I have a couple items in blue/burgundy plaid, which ends up looking like a deep purple where the colours intersect.

Looking back over the Pantone spring palette for 2018 (released in September), I'm not seeing too much that excites me. The tomato red and the bright lime could be good as accents for me, but not large swaths. I'd love to find shoes or a small bag in this colour. I like the mid-tone blue, and would consider trousers in this shade as a denim alternative, but I find this sort of bright medium blue very difficult to pair with blue jeans, except for very light wash as a tonal spring/summer look, which makes it less versatile for tops and toppers. "Arcadia" (jade green) is very appealing, and if I see this colour at retail I'd definitely pounce on the right item. I love it for interior design (esp kitchens and bathrooms) as well as for apparel.

What do you all think? Excited for purple, or any of these colours?