Little Boy blue is right up my alley, and I can do the spring crocus sometimes, but the ultraviolet, besides not being what I think that name denotes, is just too purple for me. What’s the name of that character in McDonald’s ads? That’s who I’d feel like.

ETA: looked it up. He’s the Grimace! I don’t want to be the Grimace.

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I wrote a long response to everyone last night, and my slow internet gobbled it up, le sigh.

Anyway, I had a dream last night that I was wearing a purple jersey midi dress and hated it. Then I woke up thinking, "yikes, I have to get rid of that dress!" and then I remembered that my actual jersey midi dress is black-and-white striped, phew!

The core of my maternity wear involved a purple jersey wrap skirt and a purple jersey hoodie, so, no, no purple for me anytime soon.

Looking at the 2017 Pantone colours, I like Sailor Blue the best. Purple is a colour that only certain shades work for me. I prefer blue and will tend to wear that as opposed to purple, and any purple that I wear, tends to be very close on the spectrum to blue. I do have a small purple cross body bag that works beautifully with denim. I don't have any desire to add additional purple to my wardrobe at the moment.

La Ped, it is funny about your dream. Very glad that you don't have that dress!

I love a light lavender shade, or dark eggplant. This color is a bit too vibrant. I like the sailor blue and Arcadia. Both look very nice, but it’s hard to say how I would like clothes in these colors.

Funny about the maternity wear. Mine is still in my closet at my parents’ house. I saw it last weekend and felt a ping of nostalgia.

But what I came back to say is that I’m not entirely negative on purple. There are actually lots of shades of it that i like. I prefer the purplish tones of burgundy over those that tend towards red. I like anything that walks the line between blue and purple. And although I don’t think I have anything in eggplant, I like that color.

Ultraviolet is part of the winter color palette, and I used to wear a lot of purple; it was a good color on me. Now I'm not so sure. I'd have to rework some of my existing wardrobe to incorporate shades of purple, and I suspect it wouldn't be as flattering on me as it used to be.

The Cat: where in Scandanavia are you?

Le Pedestrienne: So funny~ I've had dreams too about what I am wearing, so weird, wonder if anyone else dreams about their wardrobes? Whenever I see your profile pic, I just love it and smile~

Staysfit: I'm with you, I like either a light lavender or an eggplant, for clothes anyway. For home decor, I adore all shades of purple!

Team Purple is going to be VERY happy in 2018...

I bat for Team Orange

Something similar to that pale lavender was everywhere a few springs ago. It was a desert for anyone who wanted warm tones. It was the spring I made no purchases for my wardrobe. This may be another one of those times. I also bat for Team Orange...or peach or coral. I would even welcome a neon ultra-orange.

I am loving Chili Oil (a rich chestnut terra cotta) and Emperador (chocolate brown - yeah!!!!). I am pretty neutral about ultraviolet. Purple seems to be everywhere and I have bought a few pieces. I prefer orange.

I like the ultraviolet and see how it looks with my ever changing hair. I think it might look nice. I am very happy to see Cherry Tomato, Arcadia and Sailor Blue in the line up. I will be sporting those frequently.