How am I doing, people? These are outfits I’ve pulled together out of clothes intended for a brief resort stay and overseas flight, a suitcase of mostly tops, and a few purchases. Pants, skirts, dresses, long sleeves, tights, leggings, boots, hats, mittens, scarves, and coats/jackets are on a slow boat and will be here in a couple weeks. Temperatures have been swinging between low 60s to low 90s (50s some nights), sometimes in the same day.

My Florida boy literally didn’t have warm clothes, especially because he’s grown 4” in the last year, making even what he wore “up north” in December too small. I’ve spent nearly €600 outfitting him, so am trying to limit my own purchases. The next two I’m thinking of are shoes (not boots or booties—plenty of those are on the way) that I can wear socks with (bought some) and a professional-looking bag. So far, my job-hunting is all online, so no particular clothes required.

I don’t think of myself as a fussy, jewelry-wearing person, but I miss it and find myself trying to add bling in other ways.
1. I told myself those bright buttons were my “necklace”.
2-3. One of the first chilly days, with temps around 60. I was glad I’d bought the jeans! My headband is a choker purchased years ago that I decided at the last minute not to part with. That bag contains pastries from the famous food floor.
4. That same headband, this time as a pearl bracelet. The top is hard to see here, so I’ve added a (slightly) better pic from finds.
5. Cheating as an outfit photo, but don’t you all want to see my birthday cake?
6. For my birthday, my son tried something new. He liked the chicken, but not the soup & the noodles were “gross”. I appreciate the attempt!
7. The pink jeans from #4 with belt bling. I decided not to wear this outfit out of the house again until it’s cool enough to add my jacket in the find (it was 65 when I took this) or I lose a bit of belly. My son says it looks like “Candyland Cosplay”. What do you think?
8. Over 90 degrees. I’m glad the skirt made the trip.
9-11. 59 in the morning of his first day at school, 80 that afternoon. Hair down is warmer. Is the flash of white skin between legging & shoe ok, or should I add black socks?
12-14. KaDeWe pasteries!

Comments and suggestions appreciated!

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