I don't have a lot of holiday parties or events lined up yet. Apart from our "at home" festivities, there are only two that I know of so far.

Event 1 is a "Glam Girls supper" in the home of a poet friend. Guests are all women, all writers. The idea is to dress up. The other guests tend to be funky dressers. Think rock-chic meets retro. But I don't have to dress as they do; I can be myself.

Event 2 is a cocktail party, also in the home of a writer friend (different friend -- but the guests may overlap). This one is a bit uncertain -- it might be more casual (in which case I would wear one of my sparkly sweater ensembles.)

Or, then again, the guest list might grow and it might get more dressy. The hostess is a curvy hourglass who looks wonderful in retro 50s looks and will probably glam herself up for the occasion in that way; but most of the other guests (esp. the males) will wear jeans and moto jackets. One other woman guest might dress up. Again, it doesn't really matter what I wear; I don't have to "fit in." As long as I feel comfortable and like myself.

So, here are a couple of outfit options.

I was thinking of the first one (1-4) for the Glam Girls supper. I need a proper statement necklace. Here I am just layering a few of my mother's sparkly rhinestones. Does this work okay? Thrifted cashmere sweater, microfishnets, burgundy patent pumps, my mother's silver clutch.

Another option (for this event or the other one) is a sort of updated "le smoking." I have a couple of potential ways to wear it. The core item is a thrifted brocade shell.

One is with the Zara jacquard jacket and the J. Crew track pants. (#6)

By the way, #7 is a back view of the pants for Elizabeth P, who requested that.

Another option is with the Reiss ink tux jacket. It is darker than the pants, but I don't know if that matters. This is a long jacket.

I could also go with black. Black 'noir' trousers and the black tux jacket from Trouvé. It is a shorter jacket, shorter still in the back, but still comes to the top of the pants.

Do you like any of these options? Which one for which event?

Also, any leads on a statement necklace I could get in time for the 17th appreciated. I am an ignoramus when it comes to bling and do not even know how to begin to shop for it.

Thank you!!

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