Wow Suz, I agree that you cannot go wrong with all of these looks! The skirt outfit is just perfect for your glam girls dinner.

I'm agreeing with lisap on statement jewellery. BR is great, especially at 40% off. And I've had great success at the Bay - but always in person. I can usually pick some bling out right away - I just grab what sings to me and it always works. Otherwise I have a stash of Stella & Dot (plus other direct sales) stuff that usually works too (but takes longer to order - I usually have to attend a few obligatory parties mid-year so I grab stuff I think would work for formal wear).

Look forward to seeing what you choose. You have fab stuff, and like Angie says, you've really honed your style.

I like it all, but think the skirt is perfect got Glam Girls night. Any of the outfits look like they would fit is at a cocktail party that can veer toward casual. Wear something that you don't often get a chance to wear.

Suz, both outfits are absolutely stunning on you! I wouldn't change a thing. They look and feel like you, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday season.

Suz, i do forget how much colder it is for North Americans.

Warmth so you have a smile on your face tops everything!

Suz, you look awesome in each and every picture - if I was you, I'd go with what is most comfortable as they all look great!!

Suz, I love the skirt outfit for event 1, and I like the pants outfits with the booties for event 2. The pattern mixing is fun, with the brocade over jaquard print. I have a slight preference for the short black jacket and black pants, though, for a sleeker look. You look so great in all of these, though, you can't go wrong!

I just bought a sparkly necklace at Nordstrom in the BP department. Very inexpensive and, shall we say, not expensive-looking, either. But fun and sparkly and statement for sure. I'd post a find but can't find it. So I'm posting another one that I think I saw in person and I would wear also. I went to the grown-up costume jewelry department and got some earrings (also not expensive) to go with my juniors' necklace!

Not reading the responses (yet!). Love both outfits - the skirt for the girls glam party and the trousers for the other event. I love the trousers with either black jacket but will pick the shorter one. Both outfits are fabulous!

All lovely, though I think you look most at ease in the "le smoking" outfits. That thrifted shell (we've seen it before, right?) does wonderful things. As for flashy necklaces, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Kate Spade tend to have good ones. But don't pay full price--they just aren't worth it. Luckily, they all have necklaces on sale most of the time. A big statement brooch at the center of the dipping neckline on the black top could be a sexy alternative to a necklace, creating a slightly elongated effect in nice contrast to the horizontal stripes.