Every year we throw a "Kickoff to the Holidays" cocktail party, usually at the end of November - this year it's on November 30. I do all of the food, decorating, serving, general hostessing etc and I'm busy moving around , bending down, bending over people , and need to be in clothes that don't require fussing (i.e no kimonos or layers, or flapping scarves, sleeves etc). Also I get hot doing all of this and like to be cool and not all bundled up.

In the past , I've failed miserably when I didn't plan out a specific outfit, and left it to the last minute. My successes have been when I took the time to figure my outfit -right down to the jewellery and makeup- ahead of time (usually buying something new) . This year I'm stumped as to what to wear. Not a whole lot has appeared in stores yet - but I need to be on this immediately . Party is in 3 weeks . I have nothing carried over from prior years to pull out. Starting fresh, as it were.

My default of a glitzy top, heels and jeans is uninspiring. What's NEW in holiday wear that I won't mind spending on and carrying forward into future years ? What have you worn that is a notch up from the ordinary and that is holiday-worthy? And shoes are now an issue too. In the past I was ok with a heeled bootie or sandal, but not now. I am thinking of buying a glitzed-up mule , but haven't found any yet.

Angie - what are you wearing for the holidays this year?