I have a company party plus a couple of other events along with at home entertaining this year. I’ve ordered 2 pairs of velvet pants- 1 pattern and 1 solid- and I think I am keeping both. I also ordered a simple black sweater with feathers and silver threads at the waist from Anthro and it works with both bottoms. I also have a couple of dressy sweaters (beaded cardigan, shimmery black 3/4 sleeve) that I’ve had for years and both will work with the pants. For a bit more casual, I will wear a fluffy white sweater with either satin trousers or leather pants.

I’m on the hunt for dressy low heeled shoes or boots.

Please let us know what you find over the next few days!

I love my J Crew (at times, for certain things), but they've made it harder to shop in Canada and probably aren't worth the inflated prices for that they offer. Boo.

I love the idea of tonal colors in luxe or luxe- like fabrics- instead of jeans or black pants & sparkly top formula.
Easy to amp up with jewelry but integrate into your regular wardrobe if you use some oc youf new best colors.
You might havd an item or 2 to build on. If you're like me, you might say I'll go with these pants if I find the right top, or this sweater if I find tonal bottoms!

One comment on J Crew - Lisa, I have noticed the higher prices + $12 shipping,
And last year they removed free returns. And now there is only one store in Toronto, so returning in store is a pain too. Their quality is really hit and miss these days and with the bad return policy, I have taken them off my list.

J.Crew bottoms = YES to suiting a straighter bottom half.

Lisa P, to my eye, when an item is made of gorgeous fabric, the fit is perfect, and the colour fairly unique - simple silhouettes look exceptional. Personally, it's my preferred way to dress. I'd rather make a statement with the colour/colour combination and fabric, than the silhouette itself. That's my classic side talking - although it is a playful and not too serious classic side!

The Boden velvet pants are the BOMB. I have two pairs - mustard and bright red. GORGEOUS quality. I had to have them altered a size down to fit, but always worth it. I wear my velvet pants like casual corduroy pants too. Why not

Angie - yes, a tonal outfit is so quietly sophisticated. I can absolutely see you in these. I'll take a closer look at the Boden pants . unfrumped - yup, that's me. Tonal could easily be done with all black, but that's not what I want. I'm a bit colour shy, but I would like to try an all-one-colour look. So chic.

Susie - I like what you've shown here. Hope they work out for you.

This thread made me look up velvet. I’d like a dark blue velvet jacket. I don’t need any dressy things at all. Our holiday get togethers are very casual.

I especially like this jacket, but it only comes in black and dark red.

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Carla - thanks mom But, boy have you got me figured out ! I hate the idea of buy and donate - and as I inch closer to retirement and an entirely different budget, I don't want to be buying just to entertain myself. I'm caught in that in-between stage of winding down the spending and winding down the trendy purchases as I age , and still liking new things . I haven't checked out Winners, but I will. And I sincerely doubt you will ever see me in a tulle skirt and fitted top - ever. But yes to sexy mules or slingbacks!!

Marilyn: I did a one-hour blow-through of the mall this morning and brought home a whack of things from BR and H&M to try on. I take back what I said about BR's velvet - they have a standard skinny velvet jean AND a pull-on velvet trouser (diff kind of velvet - which looks a little sketchy, so we'll see how they look on) . I walked right past Aritizia - didn't bother going in. I'm kind of off them these days as nothing I've bought in past few years other than pants has really lived up to expectations . The macualey doesn't fit me properly - I've tried it on every season. But ....the satin intrigues me. I'll look on-line today to wee what else there is.

I have no advice that has not already been giving but thank you for getting me to think about my own holiday wear! I never start thinking about it in time and always regret that. I'm not hosting anything but I do have a couple of events to attend and I have grown out of several of my previous options (sparkly culottes, ahem.)

I am likely to wear some of these items, maybe mixed with denim somehow...it just depends on the event....

I haven't seen that much velvet either yet, but love the idea of the rust or brocade and the slippers! I know you said no exuberant sleeves, but if they're shorter they don't get in the way.

Lisa....I think that navy velvet trouser at BR looks promising. It's a rayon viscose which for velvet, I think, is softer with nicer drape than a cotton. I tried the the velvet Sloans and they were close but not quite right on me. They've changed the Sloans again so people are flipping out. Definitely better than the last ones, IMO. I wish the jean style came in more colours....I'd be all over that.

I only started shopping at Aritzia a year ago. I've found it to be somewhat petite friendly so I keep them on my radar. I just popped this navy satin shirt on my wish list to check out. It might be more cropped than you like but it might be nice over a high rise drapey navy pant. Or what about your black On The Fly pants? Check out the navy pant the model is wearing with the shirt. High rise, elastic back, drape. It could be a nice look.

My holiday events are casual. Also, I get very cold. So I need to wear long pants with booties, long sleeves, and a top with a high neck. I wanted a velvet jacket, but it wouldn’t be practical for me.

I ordered a few things to try out. I wouldn’t wear the jeans with the tops. I think that might be too much velvetyness. I hope the NYDJ top works. The price is a lot better than the EF tops! I hope one of the tops works. If everything works, I still wouldn’t keep everything.



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