Your outfit solution sounds perfect. I’m sorry your husband has been less than supportive — that makes everything harder, I know! I’m certain the party will be a big success and you will look totally fab! Most of all, have fun!

Lisa that sounds PERFECT ... Make sure to share a pic if you have time. I know those quarrels ... Predictable yet unavoidable ... I have with DH every time we need to do something to maintain the house ... He seems to find it very annoying that I do frivolous things like book furnace maintenance, or replace broken window latches. Such a spendthrift am I *facepalm* ... Enjoy a glass or three and have fun!!! And velvet pants attract lint *fist bump*

I like the outfit too! Sounds like YOU, and I'm sure it will ALL go down well. Good luck!

Lisa, it sounds like you have a great solution; you will look fab. I’m sorry your husband put a damper on your planning. I bet your party will be a smashing success...enjoy!

I hope you’ve had time to breathe-if not stop and take a few. And again a few minutes before people arrive.

It’s soooo hard when we get an idea of what we want but can’t find it. I, too, think you will look great.

I might put a note on my 2020 calendar X days before the party to not freak out about the outfit, come up with an outfit that will work from your closet, and then if you have enough time maybe shop, if appropriate. And a note that your husband doesn’t tend to be supportive around this but that’s him.

All my best wishes Lisa. I know you'll look great.

Now, we want to see the actual outfit, I obsess over party host and holiday wear a lot, too!:-(((