I tried on the Haydens too, last night - definitely baggy around the waist. I’m between sizes in BR so it was a long shot anyway. Bring them back! I’m in favor of the Sloans or the skinnies as long as you’re happy with skinnies (didn’t seem like you would be or weren’t sure). Now a metallic suit could be nice too....

Oh It is the worst when dealing with a situation like this, I also have the breakouts that only happen when stressed. My solution is to take everything that does not work back and buy one fab piece. Some great pants or a fab blouse. Buying a complete outfit of less than perfect items always leaves me feeling worse than if I made do with what I currently own.

You have a favourite store, can you go there and get that one special something? If you take along some potential basics that could make up the outfit, you will know there and then if you have the outfit sorted.

I agree with Bijou. Why not check the boutique that you love and get something really special. Bronze suit would be great on you too though, if it's available!

I have no styling ideas to contribute but I hope you get this sorted, and I'm sure you will! And no need to be embarrassed...I think for a lot of us, helping another fabber out with styling ideas and/or suggested items is part of the fun of YLF!

I am kind of late to this and you already have more advice than you probably need (because you are fab and I know you’ve got this!), but wishing you luck in pulling together an outfit you love. Most of all, I hope you have a wonderful time!

This probably isn’t the suggestion you want to hear but I will make it any way,you can always ignore me,l know most people do!why not try and wear something from your wardrobe that you feel happy,comfortable and fab in.You must have something lurking in your wardrobe that would be suitable.People don’t come to your house and remember what you wear,they remember how welcome you made them feel and what fun they had and that’s more likely to happen if the hostess is rested and relaxed not worn out from shopping and fed up that she’s spent to much money in a panic on something she doesn’t love or feel fab in.You have a great sense of style but you are over critical of yourself,give yourself a break and try and enjoy your party.

I think I agree with Cardiff girl - do you really need to have something new if it's stressful? Why not just wear something comfortable with a color you like by your face (for photos) and be done with it. I go with just nice socks in my house for parties (I don't force it but much prefer shoes left at the door inside the house).

I've done the whole "buy a whole outfit for a special event" thing many times in the past and I'm done with that.

I agree with Cardiff Girl and Texstyle. Why not wear what you already own and spare yourself the anguish of having to find something?

I'm also confused as to how the Sloans are NOT skinnies? I tried on the Sloans. Believe me, they are skinny.

FWIW I think the Sloans are skinny pants and that the other ones labeled skinny pants look more like velvet jeans, just from the stock photos. Not sure what the differences would be otherwise! It's definitely confusing for the consumer.

Thank you, Christina F. The distinction on this thread was very confusing to me.

Lisa - lots of great ideas here, I hope you found something you love. I look forward to seeing your outfit because I know you will be FAB. Good luck!

Not that this helps any, but I’m sure you’ll look polished and party ready no matter what you decide

Everyone has been super helpful, insightful, and full of wisdom in helping me through my freak-out.

I absolutely realized, and still do, that the party is meant to be for my guests, and my job is to make sure they are comfortable and have fun. NOT to obsess over what I am wearing to the point where I am falling behind on other prep.

I have to be honest , too, in saying that my husband made a rather harsh statement yesterday about how he doesn't want to see anything new being bought. Also very unsupportive of my hair right now and is not making me feel any better about spending time and money at the salon. Kind of took the wind right out of my sails, because he knows picking an outfit is fun for me, but perhaps he's justified. Spending money on clothes is not part of the big picture for him - and shouldn't be for me.

Moving along, whatever I wear will come right out of what I already own.

Now to focus on getting the condo decorated and tidied, and the food prepped. Thanks again , my friends , for your input here - much appreciated.

Ah. Why must the holidays be so stressful??? And why must husbands be so husbandy at times? Your creative spirit and love of fashion is a great gift. You WILL look fab, of that there's no doubt ... Here's hoping your party is a great success and you get to enjoy!! Xx

Another that commiserates about how stressful the Holidays can be. Hosting a party is especially stressful in my opinion. Hoping all goes as planned and you have a wonderful time.

Well, Lisa P. You have a fab wardrobe and will find something KILLER festive to wear and look amazing! I have no doubt!

It sucks when significant others are unsupportive. That does not help. But onward! You love decorating and entertaining, so put your energy into that. I for one want to know what's on the menu....

Yes! Food and decor pics in off topic!

Aww, you’ll look great anyway! I can see maybe not being thrilled about clothing purchases but we have to to confront our hair everyday! It’s because of the “pink tax” that the salon costs so much for women, unfortunately. When guys spend $20 on their haircuts at most...

I'm certain you'll look amazing in whatever you pull out of your closet. Just do your thing, have fun, and try to tune out any drama (I know....easier said than done).

I have a husband who is less than supportive and occasionally harsh as well. I keep a favourite quote that I revisit now again when I need to remind myself.....

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Thanks , friends. Oh well - off to the store to buy food for the party no one now wants to host. Ugh.

That's a great quote Marilyn!

I'm sorry Lisa, husbands can be real fun spoilers But I'm sure you'll find something fab in your closet, and your friends will be happy to see you no matter what!

What TG and suntiger said! Love that quote, Marilyn!!

Hey, hope you're feeling a bit better now that a day has passed. You WILL look fab, and you WILL have fun.

It’s all for the best , and I certainly don’t need new clothes . Frantically trying to find the perfect thing never ends well . I also realize that we have this issue/fight/ unpleasantness every single year at this time - and that I should know better than to expect a different response . I’ll be wearing sparkly sling backs , jeans , and a tuxedo jacket with a simple silk top . The embellishment is in my nails, makeup and jewellery . The entire BR bag will be returned tomorrow , and I’ve saved myself a ton of money . Who needs velvet pants anyways ?

That sounds a fantastic outfit to me really. But oh man, that was some classic husband right there. I admire your fortitude.

I am sorry to hear that the thanksgiving outfit created so much trouble for you. Your final outfit sounds great, I'd love to see a picture.

Your outfit sounds fantastic. I hope your party goes well!

I like the idea of sparkly sling backs, jeans, and a tuxedo jacket with a simple silk top much better than what you were proposing. In my mind, this ensemble is quite refined and elegant.

As a side note, I yearn for the a pair of velvet pants. But they have to be the right velvet pants. I wasn't hearing in this thread that you found the "right" velvet pants yet.

The outfit you’ve decided on sounds very authentic for you and casually elegant. Just right for a fab hostess of a great party. Hope you enjoy every minute.