Ergh. I'm having the worst time getting an outfit together for my upcoming - this Saturday- annual cocktail party. I had planned on (joke's on me for thinking this would work) wearing a Zara black crepe /satin tuxedo , with or without a green sequinned t and hot pink suede mules. I ordered the tux twice and count not get a good fit. I like the second jacket that came, but somehow the idea of an all-black outfit was a better idea than reality. I don't know.

I also took home a bag of stuff from BR last week - with the two velvet pants in finds below: skinnies, and what they describe as tapered crops (the Hayden). Well, the skinnies fit fine, but seem so , I don't know, 5 years ago? And the crops are not tapered, and are in that funny neither here-nor-there length that works best with uber-high heels. Which won't be happening .

So I'm down to picking between these two pair of BR pants, because I am running out of time, money and patience for continuing to shop. I also picked up the glittery BR leopard print blazer, which I quite like, and will likely wear that with one of the two pair of pants. Obviously, my pink suede mules aren't going to work here.

SO - which of the two pair of pants seem the most current,most elegant, and what the heck shoes am I going to wear with either one?

I also ordered this little top (find below from Nordstrom) , which is quite pretty, and it would work with a black velvet pant . Perhaps? But again, no shoes. Boots aren't really an option - I can't wrap my head around the idea of wearing them around my house = not pretty enough.

I am going to try to fit in one more trip to the mall tomorrow to see if I can find a great pair of shoes to take the focus off of my outfit (and lack thereof) - but have little faith in this as I've been looking for a few weeks now.
I'm feeling fat, unattractive, hating my hair , and have a patch of red skin on my nose that I can't get to heal, and generally want to crawl into my closet and go to sleep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Note: find for blazer not exactly the same - mine is in a traditional leopard print (tan, black, white, metallic).