What is PPL for a dressy jumpsuit? How far off the ground is proper, as well as safe? i'm concerned 1/4" off might catch on stairs/heels (listening to lisa p), but I think model's is too short - what is the point of wearing a wide flowing bottom with heels if you don't get to extend your 5'2" frame. I'm wearing a 2.5" heel, probably the pewter pointy toe in Finds, or maybe a block heel navy pump if I make a last minute change.

Of course the last item I had coming (that I paid rush shipping for and still took a week) for my upcoming 2 cocktail events is the one I fell in love with. Sadly, it needs to be shortened 3/4" at the shoulder - even the petite size is too tall in the torso. And I have no time. I was so sad. But happy ending!! But DH had the genius idea of finding a Nordstrom a mile from our hotel, so I am all set with an appointment. Yay!

This Vince Camuto navy crew jumpsuit is everything I want - down to the navy crepe fabric, pockets and (heart skips a beat) satin side stripe tuxedo detail. It even has good "sleeveage" coverage and the waist in a good spot too.

Also wearing the fab raspberry lace dress. No photo of the jumpsuit as it is getting packed, but I will try to post a post alteration WIW.

Thanks YLF for helping me choose and not letting me settle!!