Bwah! And I was about to say I was changing my vote to blue.

Well, in that case, definitely red. 'Cause you can have red on red, but citron on citron looks excessive to my eye.

I'm sticking with Poppy. It would also be cute with the olive shirtdress

Good for you, BrieN.

Actually, I have three blue bags.

I have one of these clutches and love the style. I vote Poppy!

I love the red for me, but for you the yellow:)

I actually like them all, but the poppy one is my favorite.

I love the poppy for me too, Sally.

Colette, which colour did you get?

I sense poppy is in the lead....

Elisabeth will be happy.

I love red bags, too. And, as I said, it will look so fab with the jumpsuit and will also complement the turquoise dress....

Poppy! I bough a simple poppy tote for Summer. I love it with my mostly cool toned wardrobe.

They are all lovely but I can see the red being wonderful for you Angie!

PS: I caught clutch fever from YLF a few years ago and have this purse in emerald green! I love it!

I was going to say, why choose? But since you have, I'll say it's a good one I love my poppy purse! In fact it is Angie -inspired ... so I'd say you've chosen perfectly!

Poppy! To wear with your fab citron pants, and those delectable shoes. You can always 'borrow' my citron clutch if you feel a need

I think you will choose citron. Sometimes I'm a bit psychic.

I say red because you have a few other blue bags. And because the red is gorgeous.

I think the yellow would be fab for you.

Red for sure! Love it!

I'm late to this thread but I vote lemon to go with your new citron pants... or would that be too matchy?

On further observation, I think you're getting the poppy because that's the first color featured in your Finds lineup. I think the poppy is my favorite actually. I like that the shade has a hint of coral.

Angie, my current Katrina Clutch is in Tiger and I LOVE it! I have been stalking the Poppy since I spotted it. I opted for a cognac satchel instead but think I'm going back for the Poppy.

Poppy! Definitely. Love the contrasting orange lining. It just makes me smile!

Red...even though turquoise is my favourite colour. I can see you with the red Angie. It's gorgeous.

Since I read that the blue one is probably not what you're choosing (it's my favorite - "pool" is a perfect shade for summer!) I like "poppy" next. Nice and bright and luscious and fabulous!

Thanks, ladies. Your choices are well noted.

Colette, gorgeous bag. We might be Poppy twins.

Marianna, you are astute. I had a soft spot for the Poppy right away, and loaded it first.

Even before I read the rest of the thread, I would have voted poppy. It would only be fitting to buy it in tribute to the now deceased tomato-red dress. It is also the happiest colour to my eye.

Poppy. I haven't read all the responses. I have a soft spot for orange and red that leans toward orange. It would look great with denim.

I love Hobo bags!

Im going to say " red" because it's a more fruity red and summery, but not over to peach or coral, it's still red enough, and you are planning to OD on your citron capsule, and you want super happy contrast, and the poppy is more that than the blue and yellow pairing. Also I'm thinking it's actually a little bit harder to find this color than true red, burgundy and so on.
Next I would normally say blue because it works with everything, but I don't like it in patent as well, it's fun but plasticky and does make me think of pool toys, which are fun, but I like more mystery in blue leathers. However, just to keep up the indecisiveness, the blue IS " cool" and cools off your warm palette, so says summer via heat- antidote as compared to summer- spicy.
So citron is a contender, though you may have little need of such a small pop of citron, it is nicely assertive with anything the least bit less colorful, can masquerade as cognac on speed, and is unexpected( for most people) and zingy with all of your red items.

I would grab that lovely poppy clutch while the shade is still in stores. I love this orangey red and hope to add a few more pieces before the color gods shift and this gorgeous hue is harder to find. I really love the three colors together, and you wear them so well!

So I understand the blue is out. Poppy would be the obvious choice, so I will say yellow! (On my screen I like the yellow more than the poppy.) And I absolutely support emotional pre-birthday shopping.

Does it have to only be one !! The citron is calling your name but I think the poppy is too! I'm no help rightxxx

I have a feeling you might end up with the yellow one;-)

Also, perhaps we need a new trend: sporting 3 clutches at once (yes, SOOO practical;-) because I just absolutely love how these 3 vibrant colours work together in the shiny material. It's almost a shame to separate them...

I vote the red one. Looking forward to see which one you pick in the end.