Though ruled out, I do fancy the blue. Yellow #2, then red #3.

Hah...I think poppy is going to win. I bought the big sister Hobo in sunset!!

Blue, yellow, red would be my choice All great though.

I've always loved your turquoise bags. So that one gets my vote.

Are the polls still open? Can I vote a split ticket? All three are gorgeous; if I have to choose just one for you, I'll choose poppy. It will be a stunning accent with your color palette!

Or maybe you should buy all three and hang them on the wall in your closet!

Blue, the blue just makes me so happy. I feel like I am on an ocean. Love it.

I may have to purchase the lemon yellow this weekend.

I'm tempted by the poppy. I think we should both get that one:) I'm curious, do you have a wallet that fits in something so tiny?

Thanks for your fun input, ladies. You had me laughing along the way.

Placed an order for the Poppy. Wasn't feeling the yellow as much, and didn't want the blue to compete with my special HK Furla (and I have 3 blue bags already). Well done to those who chose Poppy for me.

Woot! Go red! (Why do I feel like a winning game show contestant?)

Poppy was a great choice. I look forward to seeing you style it.

I thought you were going to trick us and buy all three!

With almost 100 posts, we were definitely on the edge of our seats! Hope the bag is as wonderful IRL as it is on the screen

Happy poppy. It is awesome. (I wasn't feeling the yellow for you either, but who can say why?

Hah I didn't get my guess in on time but that was what I was thinking. Fun! Wish there was one in the color of that delicious orange lining ^^

Yay for poppy! love how shiny these bags are.
Very sharp!

I missed this but I love the Poppy. Glad you chose it!

Woohoo for poppy.