I vote lemon to wear with your citron capsule.
The turquoise is my next favorite.
Poppy is great as well.
I think you need all 3! I love all of these colors, and how fun that you combined all 3 colors in one outfit. Makes me so happy!

Oh my goodness. How about one of each If I had to choose for you it would be red first, blue second, then yellow. But this would be a very, very close call.

I don't see a mandate from the people at all, LOL. If it's up to us, you may need to get all three.

(I'm on a long bus ride, so following this discussion in real time).

I didn't have a lot of trouble choosing

1. Blue 2. Yellow 3. Red

Blue becoz it's the MOST versatile (universally, that is....I'm sure you treat all these 3 colors as neutrals!)

Definitely the turquoise -- it makes the orange lining pop!

I don't even understand how to carry a clutch--how do you keep track of it? They look so chic.

I vote for the lemony yellow!

Wow, this is tough.

What I want to know is where is the fuchsia? (For me, that is....)

It really depends on what you want to wear it with. For your birthday date.

The yellow would be amazing with your turquoise Nicole Miller sheath. Wow!

The blue would be fun with your red lace dress -- it would casualize the dress a tiny bit and take it to a funkier restaurant.

Meanwhile, the poppy would be fab with your dark blue jumpsuit and your new floral ankle strap heels....

I can't choose!

If you keep us in suspense too long I might change my vote to yellow!

I think we might have a three way spilt.

Jill58, you crack me up, and thanks for the kind words.

Natalie, I'll but one and you can buy the other two.

Maneera, I think all colours are equally versatile for my style actually. That's why it's a tricky question.

Suz, quite right. Where is the cranberry for you. Off with their heads!

I have almost decided.......

I vote blue because that's my personal color. But...to justify my choice - it seems like you have more tomato and citron in your wardrobe than turquoise so the blue would be a fun pop!

Blue. It's my favorite color too.

I have lots of these hues represented in my wardrobe. (My yoga mat is citron, and so is one of my yoga jackets).

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Hmmmm....I see a blue bag but no blue clutch, whereas there is a red clutch and a yellow one already...

OK, I see two citron clutches, so that one's out. And I see one red clutch and one red smaller bag, so that's out.

Blue wins! Plus all you have in the blue is a large tote. Definitely a wardrobe whole.


(I have one citron clutch. The other is my citron wallet that I carry IN my bags).

Let me assure you sweet ladies, that blue has by no means won yet!

I'm going with blue. It seems to me that blue is not quite as represented in your bags (especially for a clutch), and it will contrast nicely against all of your new citron ensembles. Red is my second choice. The yellow almost seems too "French's mustard yellow" to me. Not fresh and citrusy enough.

The yellow. It seems the most difficult color to find and the most neutral, although I know that red is one of your neutrals...hmmm. Let Sam chew on this decision.

Your white jeans collection rivals my blue jeans one!

I don't see a blue clutch in your collection, so maybe it'll have to be the blue?

(I still favour the red, but it's a personal bias because I just love red bags so much!).

I give the edge to the blue as you don't have a blue clutch yet. Second choice the yellow actually, just because I see so few yellow bags out and about and like that they are more unexpected. Can't go wrong with the poppy either but if your Zara clutch is shiny too they are pretty similar....

Blue first choice, then Red, then Citron.

I'm loving the blue. I looked at those today. Love those brights in a clutch, yet like Suz, am really hoping for a fuchsia bag this summer. They are all happy. You can't lose. Have fun!

I'm voting for Poppy. Go Poppy!

Blue second and citron third, but only because you seem to be focusing on citron clothing recently and I don't see you matching your bag to your clothing.

Have you seen all three IN PERSON? If no, I recommend ordering all three since online colors can look so different. Since you have a lot of citron and poppy, the turquoise is least likely to be *off* with your wardrobe.

I'm trying so hard not to lemming those clutches. . .

I was going to say red until you posted your items above. You don't have very many blue/turquoise/cobalt clothing items, so I'm voting BLUE to go with everything.

Angie -- your color palette is breathtaking. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your thoughts.

DonnaF, that would be the thorough thing to do.

I've almost omitted the blue. I don't want it to compete with my turquoise Furla from Hong Kong. That way my Furla stays more special. Although organized, I'm a very emotional shopper. At the moment, my emotions are telling me to not buy the blue.

Blue! No contest for me. Nothing says summer like pool blue.

Sharan, we posted at the same time. HAH.

Sterling, you're sweet.