Hey all,

I'm thinking about my spring/summer handbag situation as we hopefully prepare to be out and about more this summer. I have really relied heavily on backpack styles, and they suit my casual lifestyle very well. Below in finds are my current collection.

- The blue Aimee Kestenberg is an absolute favorite -- the style works so well for me.
- The silver nylon Rebecca Minkoff has been used so much in the past year or so that it's getting beat up. I've gotten every penny's worth out of it, and I plan to continue using it, but it's not looking pristine anymore and I'm probably going to save it for super casual wear.
- The black Kendall and Kylie is useful and I like the lack of any metallic hardware, but it's not the easiest to use. I have determined that I don't love styles that zip from one side over to the other -- it takes two hands and opening it wide open to use the bag.
- The Tumi navy convertible bag is useful, especially for travel, but it feels a bit utilitarian.
- The Longchamp triangle sling bag was a secondhand find and is really fun, but not the easiest to use.

Here's my thing. I'm eyeing some Aimee Kestenberg backpacks in other colors on a couple of secondhand sites, thinking about getting one in a metallic leather or teal or snake print.

Do you duplicate bag styles when you find one you love? I know Angie does with her beloved Furlas! I'm giving it serious consideration because I've looked around online at other new bags and am not blown away by the current selection at retail. What are your thoughts?