Jaime, somehow this Baltimore girl doesn’t mind the backpack thing — it is easy enough to wear it on one shoulder and under the arm if I am in close quarters and feel a little more protective. Plus the bag has an entry pocket that sits against my back that I can tuck my wallet and phone into if I have any doubts. A pickpocket would be sadly disappointed to nab anything else in my bag.

So since this subject has come up... I have discovered to my annoyance that museums don’t let you carry backpacks on your back anymore... I get it, but it ruins the whole ergonomic point...

I haven't duplicated exact bag styles, but I certainly would if the opportunity arose. I like Suz's solution and am glad to hear you are pursuing the teal and snakeskin.
In response to Jaime's concern, I have used my Rebecca Minkoff backpack in NYC, and I like it because of the ability to latch the bag on top, covering the zipper, rather than at the bottom, exposing it. On the subway, I would take it off my back and carry it in my hand.

I have 4 AK backpacks - black, cream, burgundy, cognac. So, yes, duplicate and get both the teal and the snakeskin. I do only use the black one constantly, but when I switch my stuff into one of the others, I'll coordinate outfits around it for a week or 2, till I switch back.

Janet, I have three of the AK backpacks; black, rose gold, and snakeskin. I like your cobalt one very much and think you would find the snakeskin quite versatile.

Sharan, yes! That design is very good for a little extra security.

Catherine and Laurie, glad to know I am in good company!

Keep us posted on how you like the new addition!