Hi All

I have been working diligently at my challenge and have a few pics to share. I decided to share them once I had worn an item three times, so I could compare the looks with different pieces. Some outfits contain more than one challenge item so there will be some double ups in future posts (except for the black tunic all the other challenge pieces appear at least once here).

Here is my list of 10 and where I am at:

Red leather jacket 3
Camel boots 3
Pink merino 3
Teal coat 2
Caramel Sweater 2
Floral Blouse 2
Japanese scarf 2
Denim shirt 2
Black tunic 1
Scotch thistle brooch 1

So far I have liked all my outfits, but definitely some have scope to improve. Currently I am not drawn to my teal coat, nor my black tunic. I have plan for the brooch for two upcoming events.

June is a challenging month for me - it is cold and wet, and my winter wardrobe is small and lean. In the last few years I have frequently worn two dresses with boots and tights, but I am not wearing them much this year. Part of that is my (Angie influenced I think) move away from black to lighter colours, and partly hemlines seem to have moved either shorter or longer than these dresses. I would be keen to look for new winter dresses.

Here are some photos of looks to date in June

Red leather jacket - three work looks. The denim shirt one felt very classic but also very appropriate for a day in our manufacturing facility.

Camel boots - all work looks, the one with the blazer for a company lunch. I wore the caramel sweater twice with these boots but mixed up the accessories and jeans.

Pink merino - two casual and one work look here. I wasn't happy with the white pants look, it felt too wintery on the top and summery on the bottom.

I will be keeping these three pieces, whilst I don't love the red jacket it is versatile, vibrant and very practical for work.

(Apologies about the photos - light is a bit scarce at the moment)

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