Upset tonight. My nephew is an ER MD. The last 18 months he and his wife, also an MD, have worked on COVID cases. I’ve worried so much about them. They have also done a series for doctors to help with Covid-19 stress.

A few months ago nephew had an accident on his mountain bike. He is athletic and in great shape, but he had numbness in his legs. I thought immediately of sciatica, which I have from time to time. Maybe an injury from the bike accident.

Diagnosis today: MS. I texted my sister and she said she wanted to talk today or maybe tomorrow. It will be tomorrow. I read some online about MS and find there is at least a treatment that can slow the progress of the disease.

Still, I am so upset. Of all people in the world, this sweet, wonderful, idealistic young man should not have to deal with this disease.

Have any of you had to deal with this in your family? I so want to comfort my sister. I haven’t shared here, but she was at my side during a difficult loss of my own. She is fighting her own health issues so I can’t put her at risk to go to her side.