Sorry to hear this news. I love Peri’s advice that it is treatable and the resources that Gryffin has provided.

I'm glad the info was helpful.

What's the quote - the longest journey begins with the first step.
It can be a firehose of information and emotion in the first weeks after a major diagnosis. Big hugs!!

I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your nephew.

Scotland has the highest number l believe and there was some research out this week suggesting that there maybe a connection with Epstein Barr infection in adolescence and early adulthood.l am sorry l can’t remember where l saw this or l would add the link but if l come across it again l will.

Sorry to hear this news. It's such a shock.
I have a good friend that has ms. She has had it for 28 years and you wouldn't know that she has it . She takes an older drug and has been able to remain stable. Fingers crossed that your nephew can do the same . I am also a fan of exploring functional medicine .

I'm sorry to hear of this, but echo the encouraging words of others. I have a friend who was diagnosed with MS about 15 years ago. You would not know it to spend any amount of time with him at all. He is careful with what he eats and works to manage stress and diet, etc. He is a year younger than I am (55) and doing great. I hope your nephew finds it can be managed as well!

I'm so sorry- hugs to both of you! Looks like you have some good resources here!

I am do sorry and will keep all of you in
My prayers.

I’m so sorry to hear this, Ms. Maven. I have no experience with MS, but you have gotten some excellent advice here. I too am a fan of exploring functional medicine. Sending you love & support.