HAH. Thanks for the laughs, ladies. The frock has been buried and is resting in peace.

Jaime, the best part about the dress was the memory behind its purchase. THAT I will have forever.

Oh no! I loved that dress on you

And now I have a "lady in red" earworm.

Such a great look on you--but there will be more! And you're right, the memories created in the dress are the best.

It makes me so sad when a favorite bites the dust!

But the watermelon lace is really pretty too

That striped dress in your pipeline...looked familiar...took me a while but finally my brains clicked : Catherine Deneuve in "Le sauvage" (1975)

Thanks for the commiseration and laughs, ladies.

Skylurker, NICE.

Angie --

so late to the thread I see the dress has been "buried" -- no chance of an exhumation and dealing with the tear by adding contrasting fabric to both sides as a fix, then?

[Too Weekend at Bernie's?]

RIP tomato dress

Ah, Vix, the tear is too long, deep and visible. But thanks for the idea and chuckle.

Oh Angie! I'm sorry one of your favorite pieces is ruined. I hate when that happens. Just had to share this pic of me in my red shirt dress. Senior pic 1984 lol. Wish I had a full length photo to show you. We are style twins 20 years apart

Wow, Cheryl. HOW FUN. You look very pretty, and go Team '80s.