Oh! I am genuinely sorry. Favorite pieces are hard to replace.

BTW. I do remember this dress and I always admired it on you.

Oh no! I hate when that happens, and I especially hate it when I don't know how it happened. RIP pretty red dress, RIP.

That's sad, Angie. You look so fab in that color. I wonder if you could round up some red accessories to perk up the replacement dress. ???

It's a good thing you have more tomatoes coming.

Oh no, Angie, say it isn't so :(. Was this the dress that was the last one on the racks (and almost got left in a restaurant?) or am I confusing it with something else?

I'm glad you're giving it gratitude and an appropriate obit. I sense Marie Kondo nodding in approval.

Huge bummer. You looked amazing in that dress, and I remember the story of how it came into your closet. It does seem like it should have lasted longer.

You are all hilarious, and lovely. Thank you.

Nancy, I'm always open to ideas so feel free to bring them on at any time. I'm hesitant about the quality of the dress at the point, since the colour faded a little too.

Aliona, you have the right dress. It was ALSO left behind at a restaurant.

Yes, Angie, *the* jeans.

They're still available at Nordstrom's in the same wash but because I want a higher rise I am going to try a couple of different options. I do, however, have them in my shopping cart.

As for your dress, I can understand not wanting an exact replacement. It was much loved, and lovely on you, but sometimes when these things happen I think they are a sign that it is time to make way for the new. The striped dress has a very different vibe yet it may end up being just as well loved. Particularly if you have some tomato red options in your other clothing pieces.

As always, Suz. You are wise. Good to have your old favourite jeans in that shopping cart just in case.

Very sad. Lovely dress. And I loved the colour.

Damn! I remember the saga of this dress from the YLF meetup last year. This sucks!!!

Well, Atleast you've got more tomato red pieces coming your way. And the striped dress looks cute too. Not as good as the red....but it's good enough.

Oh that's too bad. I hate when something happens that forces me to get rid of a clothing item before I'm ready to let it go.

Hmm, as gorgeous as it is/was, that dress has been a bit of a bad seed from the beginning. Difficult to pin down, lingers in bars when everyone else leaves, always calling attention to itself with its looks and charm but proving itself as not good for the long run in the end. You brought back a wonderful memory Angie - let the new crop of red items be more reliable.

OH, what a shame! I am tearful for you. I loved seeing this dress on you. Here's hoping there will be lots of tomato red winners in your future.

Oh Angie I am sorry but you will find something that you will love more,

So sorry to hear it. A moment of reflection for the tomato dress, please.
Now, this is exactly why Team Wear rules. You got some enjoyment of it before it exploded.

As much as I liked this bright, crisp dress on you, it's the "flag dress" that is my favorite of your shirt dresses, btw.

Clothes are ephemeral. Enjoy the heck out of them. Then we move on, like it or not

I am so disappointed for you and amazed that it ripped this way. You have not had this dress for long, I would have expected it to last longer. I like your new replacement and think that it is wise to not try to exactly replicate a favourite, as often we just cannot get it to be the same - it is fun to go with a new look.

So sorry to hear about the dress. It's one thing to pull an item out of rotation and quite another for it to leave of its own accord.

Fun to celebrate the dress and anticipate the next one.

Say its not so???!!!

Jaime's reply cracks me up! I have fond memories too.

Ack! The pain! The pain of losing a favorite item is so excruciating! I like to go with denial. I'm not joking!

So sorry about the dress! As Ledonna says, may it rest in pieces! My suggestion? Commission a copy from Diane G. You can choose the fabric and you just know it will be beautifully made and fit perfectly!

Oh Angie I'm so sorry about your dress. I would be so disappointed. It's such a stunner in you. The other dress is lovely too but I hope you are able to find a replacement in the tomato red

Jaime, you crack me up!!-)
The entire "London crew" has very fond memories of your fun dress, Angie, and I'm sorry to hear you have to say goodbye to it now. And it appears the fun striped dress came into your life at just the right moment;-)

It was a short but brilliant life. Adieu red dress!


That is a bug bummer! But there must be another tomato red dress somewhere waiting for you to find it.

Your dress can have a new life as a little neck scarf for Sam. I bet He looks great in tomato red.

..it's all been said....RIP dear tomato dress.....

I'm so sorry for your loss! You will recover quickly, I have no doubt:)