I have cold hands on hot Summer days, so you can imagine how cold they feel on cold days. Frozen ice blocks

I have a few pairs of pretty gloves, but they don't keep my hands warm. Side entry pockets with fleece lining keep my hands warmer.

I need gloves though, to walk Sam and for my urban walking lifestyle. My hands are like my feet - low volume with long fingers. Most gloves are too wide and the fingers too short when the width is right. Hard to fit!

Soooo, I'm hoping you have some glove suggestions to share. The Canadians I'm sure, will have suggestions up their sleeves! A few requirements:

  • Need to be VERY warm
  • Nothing that looks like sports gear
  • Mittens are too impractical
  • Nothing too bulky because it looks ridiculous on my low volume hands
  • And if possible, I'd like them to look pretty

Thanks in advance. xo

ETA: I realize this is a tall order! I've tried on sooooo many pairs without much luck. That's why I'm asking the forum for help.