Fabulous outfit, Lisa! So glad you and the jacket found each other.

I get where you’re coming from with the cream boots. White footwear isn’t my thing either. But I was weirdly drawn to a pair of bone and silver sandals this summer. The quality and fit weren’t quite there so I sent them back, but I could finally see what all the white footwear fuss was about.

How about pattern mixing the jacket with your McQueen scarf, with an all black outfit underneath??

Obsessed with this outfit.

You look amazing from head to toe! Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Love love love this! You can totally wear those boots with dark denim, as long as your jeans are rolled! It’s a gorgeous look!

Thank you all - this jacket did indeed have that proverbial flashing light above it - as Suzy suggested I already know it's going to be my wildcard /fav purchase this season!

Oh my. LOVE this so much and might need to copy cat you on that jacket! Everything here is perfect.

The coat really looks like it was made for you. You look ultimate YOU!

Missed this before-till I saw Christy's linked post. Wow-love this Great manicure too!

Wow, I missed this too! Love that jacket, snakeskin is around this year and I think it's really fun. Love the booties and the earrings too. Great all around!

Fantastic choice for you - looks perfect and elevates everything just enough without being fussy. Yay! for the perfect items and funny how you spotted it and just knew.

I am so into reptile print right now, I'm surprising myself. I am so tempted to get a bag in a reptile print .......we'll see It's so versatile and is the perfect jump off point for pattern mixing. I have a pair of booties, a pair of higher heel mules, 2 camis and this coat now - totally loving it!

Oh... YES!
Awesome Lisa, as are most of your outfits. It's good to see you happy with an outfit, too

Agree on the snake - I wear my navy snake Ecco booties a lot with plaid pants, and love it. Pattern mixing but not too "in your face".

Navy snake Ecco booties? Tell me more? New, this season? Where did you find them?

No Lisa, from about 3 years ago. Suz had them too, but I think hers died.

You look great in this outfit, Lisa! Lovely neutrals for you and I love how the ring and the circle on the bag work together, too. Terrific outfit!

Thanks Suz - that’s actually the pop socket on the back of my phone

Ooh, I love everything about this outfit! Those earrings and boots are fabulous.